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How to handle women who are unreliable...

I think your Alpha Man programs are great even for men that are quite successful with women.

I’ve never had much trouble with women but I do hit a sticking point every once in a while. I have this one woman that I have a situation with that I need an opinion on. I met this woman many years ago when she was a cocktail waitress in college. We did not date and did not really get to know each other then. Years later I ran into her again. I immediately approached her and had a date set within a few minutes. We had a nice date and she made comments on a few things we should do with each other. Like she was trying to insure a future date.

Several days later when we talked on the phone she mentioned things she would like to do with me. I assumed she was interested. Since then I have twice set up dates with her only to get a cancellation. She always has an excuse that sounds legitimate. The last excuse she put me off saying she was extremely busy and that next month would be better for us to make plans.

I know that I should blow her off and move on, but sometimes I want to stay in the game just to see what happens. (She is also pretty hot.) I have a suspicion that she has a boyfriend and it is not working out so good for her. I think she is trying to keep me on the side so she will have something to fall back on. I feel like I need to call her on it but I also do not want to step out of bounds if her excuses are legit. Also if I need to call her on it I would like to hear your opinion of how you would do it.

Carlos, I will tell you this about
your programs. I have 3 nephews and when they are old enough I will buy each one of them your programs. There is no sense in them having to fail at something just because they have not been educated.

Keep up the good work brother.


I think your analysis is probably pretty accurate. Women love to have guys on the line as fallbacks and groupies for them so they don't feel disconnected and socially undesirable.

Actually, the best thing you can do is to do the following:

1) Just mentally dismiss her as a serious contender. Don't "call her on it," because it will NOT make her more likely to grovel for your attention.

2) Tease her every time you see her for being a flaky chick. Make sure she knows you think of her just as a silly little brat girl. The less seriously you take her, the better.

3) Continue to set dates that are convenient for YOU - Never rely on her to follow through. Always double up the plans.

4) Have fun testing and trying out techniques on your new groupies. Once you remove attachment to outcome with them, you are then free to leverage them as test subjects as you see fit. Not for abuse or manipulation, but to better understand Social Dynamics.

This is
the universal plan for women that flake on you regularly. She can be a groupie of yours and provide great social proof for you, so let the little flakes hang out in your shadow. Just forget that they're back there until they take action to be a part of your life.

Remember that a woman will only want to be around you to the degree that she feels
you make her feel good. Being a dick or calling her on her flaky behavior may set some level of posture, but that's only attractive if she's used to being catered to and pampered. Even then, it doesn't always work. You cannot DEMAND respect - only command it.

Don't let her disrespect you in any way, but recognize that
most women don't view flaking as bad. It's just a way of life.

And I'm glad you're passing along my information to your nephews. We need all men everywhere to become
Alpha Men - students of the NEW sexuality of men...

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