Friday, May 18, 2007

New Alpha Man stuff

Guys, I realized that in order to fight the good fight and get the good word of Alpha Manhood out there to the masses, I needed to give you a way to do that. I've just created a shop online where you can get a few logo shirts and cool stuff with your declaration of Alpha-ness.

It's here: Alpha Man Shop

Now, I want to make this stuff relevant and useful to you, so here's what I'm doing. I'm requesting all you guys write in with cool phrases for the front of the shirts that you can wear out when doing approaches and meeting women. A couple of my ideas:

"Ask me about my Alpha Lifestyle..."
"Pain is the sensation of wussy leaving your body..."

But I want to include some cool ones that you guys come up with as banter items. The idea here is that if you wear a little "chick bait," the ladies are going to start doing the approaches just to find out what the shirt is all about.

Wouldn't you like to have women walking up to YOU for a change?

Trust me, it's a whole lot nicer than having to approach her all the time.

So send them in here: Email Carlos

And let me know your ideas for cool T-shirt sayings. The guys who come up with phrases I use get a FREE shirt!

How's that for a thank-you?

Get busy...

- Carlos

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