Monday, May 21, 2007

Great time at Fort Mason...

For all of you who weren't able to be here in San Francisco last night, we had the ever-illustrious David Shade here presenting to the crowd of over 100 local lair and pickup artists, as well as yours truly - Me.

It was a great presentation, and I have to say one of the least controversial David has ever done (that I've seen), but FULL of insight into what it means to integrate your sexuality in an effective way with women. Really, some of the points are just priceless. It was great to meet his current girlfriend as well.

I stayed around afterwords and did a little Q&A informally with some of the guys, and networked a little with Lance Mason (Pickup 101), Diego Garcia (, and a few of the other locals.

As a matter of fact, Lance and I had just wrapped on an interview I did with him yesterday afternoon that you guys may be able to get access to later on. In Lance's words, it was one of the most unique he'd done, and he loved the questions I asked - so you guys know you're going to get the goods on this one.

I'll have a picture of myself with Diego and David up later on the site for you to see sometime in the future.

I'll probably also have an interview with David as well...

Stay tuned...!

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