Saturday, April 26, 2008

Do you ever feel DESPERATE for a woman?

Hey Carlos! My name is Kyle, I really appreciate your advice from the newsletter. The thing that has helped me the most is the tips on how to change your frame of mind when talking to women, for me this means thinking about how I feel so excited when driving or fixing my car.

My question to you is, How can I get my ex from just a few months ago, back into my life, and incorporate some changes, that will keep her with me longer? It was the best relationship I've ever had, and I knew from the get go that she was the one. However, she couldn't commit to an actual relationship because she still had pent up trust issues from her first ex who beat her a few times. It was almost like she was using me as a rebound, or just a sex buddy.

I must tell you that this all happened before I learned about your awesome techniques. Can you please help me? I'm desperate, not with her, but just on how to make this happen.

Well, here's an important distinction for you that you must put into the front of your head:

ANY desperation will turn you off as a prospect with a woman.

If you think or feel that a particular situation or woman is URGENT in any way, you're likely to fall into this trap with a woman.

Let me repeat myself at the risk of losing you: ANY desperation in your life - for a woman, for an outcome, for a "how to make it happen," is going to give you a very uncomfortable vibe.

A man who is reaching for his goals and moving towards them does not seem desperate.

Next topic you need to consider is this:

Do you really - I mean REALLY - want a woman with trust issues from abuse?

Come on, man. Set a higher standard for yourself.

You're seeing that this was the best relationship you ever had - until now!

There's always a better experience up ahead. Stop settling for the past experiences that are over.

You're clinging to an old feeling that is over and you can't get it back.

What you do is this:

Go out and meet 10 new women. Give your ex a break while you clear out your unhealthy obsession.

If you still want her after you've dated 10 quality women, then you probably won't need to find her by this point. She'll have found you.

I highly recommend you take care of your confidence and inner game as soon as possible. Most guys spend all their time looking for the "magic bullet" pickup line or some other crap, instead of building themselves up into one magnificent example of a man.

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