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Man Jailed For Staring At A Woman

I'm passing this interesting question along, because it includes a very interesting bit of "news."

I put that in quotes because the news media just loves to stir things up by publishing things like this.

Read on:


Can you explain this?

ITALY: Man sentenced for staring

An Italian man was given a suspended sentence for staring too intently at a woman sitting in front of him on a train. A judge sentenced the man in his 30s, whose name was not released, to 10 days in prison and 40 Euros after a 55-year old woman filed a complaint for sexual harassment. The two met on two separate occasions in 2005 on a commuter train from Lecco, in northern Italy, to Milan. The first time, the man sat next to the woman, but she felt he had moved too close for comfort. The next day, the man sat in front of the same woman and stared at her during the whole train journey. They never spoke.

Carlos: does this guy need to brush up on his Alpha skills or what? Could this be interpreted as a sign of the apocalypse? What's happening with interpersonal communication, flirtation, and litigation? Sure, Italian men may have a reputation, but isn't 10 days in jail a little extreme for checking out a (albeit 55-year old) hottie? Is there any way you can explain this bizarre phenomenon?

Sincerely yours,
T.P. - Taiwan


Uh, no.

As fantastic as this might seem, there is always going to be a hyper-sensitive, indignant feminist dame who thinks it's her right to make a stink about a man's interest.

But, to her credit, if he did stare at her the whole time, that's pretty freakin' creepy. Especially a second time. You don't stare at someone for a whole train ride without saying something.

(My question is, why didn't she just say something to him if it was bothering her? Hmmm.)

And the fact is that you don't go to jail for 10 days if you explain yourself and handle yourself with any kind of social awareness. A simple heartfelt apology and explanation of his actions - plus a little mediation - would have avoided an incident. But he was probably sorely lacking in interpersonal skills, caused a scene, or he really was a lewd stalker.

Whatever. We'll never really know.

(Remember, there are three sides to the Truth: Yours, mine, and the REALITY.)

Whatever the case might have been, this is an extreme situation - the exception. And it's extreme B.S. like this that the media latches onto. IT SELLS NEWSPAPERS!

Ignore these stories from the twilight zone of gender relations. Just because you heard it on the news or read it on ("insert any news source here"), does NOT make it true. The media prints the stories that sell.

Look up the facts on story verification if you want to learn just how little anyone checks the accuracy of this crap.

Which do you think would attract more readers:

"Italian Man Sent to Jail For Staring"
"Alpha Man Gets Date With Woman On Train by Creating Real Attraction"

The news that helps you is not the news, my brother.

Don't pollute your mind with these stories of the fantastic. Don't let the ridiculous stories of the freaky undermine your constant courage.

Just stay true to your own path.

Stay socially calibrated and this won't happen to you. You won't have drinks thrown in your face. You won't have legal issues.

And we won't have any apocalypse.

I promise....

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