Thursday, April 10, 2008

Are you tired of being the low dog?

I am soooo beta..that I make other beta males look alpha. As a child my father would tell me that guys like he and I will never get the good looking girls or the top job positions so we should not even try. I know it is not true, and the tapes are helping alot, but I still have that screaming in the back of my head whenever I talk to someone.

Any recommendations to help with my lack of self esteem? Also, I noticed that most guys who do great with girls and business are not only alpha in attitude, but also have a head full of hair or if they are bald/balding are at least tall and muscular.

This question I know is dumb, but can a guy that is 5' 7", balding, but decent build also do well? Getting tired of people informing me that I am losing my hair or that I am short.

Your concern is one that many other guys share, but we also know that this doesn't help you in your situation.

If you're like me, you don't care about the fact that you're not alone in your situation, you just want to FIX THE PROBLEM.

So let's do that...

With a little tough Alpha Love.

First off, you've been on an uphill battle for a while. You might want to consider hiring a professional to help you in your situation. Yes, a therapist.

Just choose well. There are a lot of quacks out there that would like nothing more to dig into your childhood for years and string you along with no results in sight.

(You'll find that the only kind of help you ever want to have in your life - from the guy who cleans your pool to the one that helps you get over some personal issues - is that he measures himself by RESULTS. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS!)

Get over the whole daddy issue as fast as you can. Yes, it sucks that he was a whipped dog, but now it's time to get past it and prove him wrong.

I suspect that you know what he said was logically incorrect, but emotionally you're having a tough time getting past it.

SECOND: Short is not an issue. Short is a state of mind.

Put some lifts in your shoes and get over it. I know a 6 foot 4 inch guy that uses a lift to gain another inch or two.

THIRD: Balding is not an issue. Bald is a state of mind. Shave your head, change your hairstyle, whatever, but get over it.

Ask women if they think Patrick Stewart (AKA Jean Luc Picard on the show Star Trek: The Next Generation) is sexy. I find that about 80-90% of women dig him. And his hairline is pretty much gone, baby, gone.

Now you said that you're tired of people informing you that you're losing your hair and that you're short.

Sorry, but somehow I can't picture you talking to a woman and she just says, "Hey, did you know you're short?"

I think what's happening here is that your oversensitivity to the topic has you locked in a death-spiral with your own self-image. She says, "I'm dating someone else right now," and you hear "You're short."

Look, if you think that all business leaders (and leaders in general) are tall with a bunch of hair, that is most certainly NOT true. Go online and look up the pictures of a great many of the presidents and CEOs of companies.

You're guilty of something that's called "emotional validation." What this means is that you have already formed an opinion (probably more like a belief at this point), and you only see the evidence that supports it. Because you need some excuse for why you are where you are with women that is NOT your fault.

Anyone can find any evidence to prove anything if you look hard enough.

It's time to start choosing a different viewpoint of life. I guarantee you that the guys who are short and balding AND successful with women (of which there are MILLIONS) - these guys do not sit around complaining about the hand they were dealt.

They just get out there and start putting down bets.

If you want to learn what this inner state is that they have, I'd suggest you CLICK HERE and go look at THIS.

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