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Information Overload - How to Learn When There's SO MUCH Information...

Hey Carlos,

Here is a question for you, if you could address it sometimes in one of your newsletters. I am afraid that in your products and those of other companies there is just too much information for me to absorb (information overload).

How are we supposed to deal with that? How are we supposed to implement such a huge amount of info that we cannot retain? I know it's supposed to be reference material, but still... I want to know what info to implement first and get results soon and then maybe follow on with the rest if the need arises.



This is a very common question from guys, and, as usual, it's not as simple as it may appear on the surface.

I will have to say that getting TOO MUCH information in my program sure is a nice high-quality problem to have, don't you think?

After all, what's "too much" for you might be "just-right" for another. Or vice-versa.

So consider yourself lucky. :-)

First of all, let me toot my own horn here for just a second: You're getting more than enough information in my programs because I believe in giving you a dollar dance for only ten cents.

What I mean by that is that you get more value out of my programs than any other out there. I keep giving you great stuff for a long time afterwards, too.

(My system of getting better with women is a complete curriculum that will take you from start to finish. If you want more info on that, download my roadmap here...)

Yes, you could find yourself reading information on this topic for YEARS.

What is most important is to stop yourself from falling into the "paralysis of analysis" trap. It's up to YOU to find a starting point to review the material, and when you get to the first bit of information you can take action on, STOP THE AUDIO (or video) and GET YOUR BUTT IN GEAR.

You see, as much as I'd like to be standing there, looking over your shoulder, barking out orders like a military drill sergeant, I can't. I know you'd find that terribly motivating, but the reality is that no one will make you do anything after you've grown up and moved away from mum and dad.

Guess what?

It's up to you, now.

But you do have an ally here. I'll help you through those tough patches.

So when you find a bit of information that you can take action on, you start with that. As tempting as it is to listen to all the discs at once and get all that juicy information that I've crammed into every lovin' disc I make for you, you gotta stop yourself from pigging out.

Gluttony in information is as bad (if not worse) than gluttony with food.

If you pig out with food, eventually, you get stuffed and stop.

But when you pig out on the information, it starts to all sound the same, and you start getting that glazed over look in your eyes.

STOP the madness!

Because the more you read, the less likely you are to DO anything. You get trapped in that crazy spiraling madness that tells you:

"This is all so gooooood... if I just keep reading it, I feel like I'm accomplishing something... I don't actually need to go out and do anything, because it feels good just to be learning..."

And on and on it goes. You never actually get off your ass and get busy because you become ADDICTED (Seriously! It's an addiction!) to becoming enlightened and "figuring it all out."

You'll think there's just some little bit of perfect advice you're missing to be... PERFECT. You need to know it all before you go out there and use it, don't you?

You wouldn't want to make a MISTAKE, would you???!

I think you see where I'm going with this. I used to feel this way.

I know LOTS of guys that are in "pickup artist" rehab because of this.

It's time to get that information addiction monkey off your back. I designed my programs to take care of your problems so that you don't need to keep buying more and more of the same thing hoping for a "holy grail."

The answer to this problem is VERY simple...

It's unlikely that you can make significant changes in your life ALL AT ONCE. You need to take them slow and in bite-sized chunks. (There's an old riddle that goes: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.)

Don't try to implement them ALL at once.

Just implement ONE thing today.

And ONE thing tomorrow.

And the day after, and the day after.

In a year, you'll have added 365 new skills and strategies to your dating life.

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