Friday, February 15, 2008

Women's Test Questions...

Here is a good question for you... What do you say when a woman says...

"You don't talk much bout yourself, Tell me about you."


Well, think about what her question is telling you about her frame of mind. What's the "subtext" of the question?

Why is she asking it?

It's probably because she is feeling one (or both) of two things:

1) She wants more trust in you before she goes further.

This is a good thing. If she wasn't interested in you in some way, she wouldn't ask for more information.

Women need to know details about you in order to feel that all-important sensation of TRUST.

Without trust, you're just another swinging dick that came into town to get some and then disappear.

She's saying she wants to know more about you and what you can do to make her life fun.

2) She is self-conscious that she may have been talking too much about herself.

Women often become aware that they've been talking a lot about themselves and want to balance it out. We all have this mechanism of determining when we're talking too much about ourselves. (Unfortunately, many people today have a broken mechanism...)

So what do you say to her?

How about telling her a little about you?

Yeah, it's crazy, and I'm sure some "guru" somewhere will tell you that you're lowering your "social value" or something like that, but if you hear a woman ask you about yourself, it's time to give a little sales presentation.

Nothing big, just take the opportunity to talk about your passions and your goals in life. This is the opportunity that most men squander and totally mess up.

You have to have a good story about your life and where it's going to keep a good woman interested.


You don't have that story?

Maybe you should take a look at this: TRIPLE THREAT

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