Wednesday, February 06, 2008

New Blog...

There's a blog that popped up recently that one of my readers turned
me onto. The author is some new guy named Mark and he just gets
it - his style is very direct and no-bs, and what he writes is dead on.

Specifically, Mark is writing about how to meet girls and be an
all around cool guy in college. It looks like he was the king of his
campus and slept with about 70 girls when he was at school, and
then he started mentoring some other guys over email. So he
compiled those emails together and put them into a PDF.

Read carefully: this is *required* reading if you're in college.

But its also great for social circle game in general, and there
are some great tips about being a fun guy, converting friends
to hookups, etc. Great stuff at this blog...

If you know this guy, let me know, because I want to talk to him.
I've been really enjoying his reading, and it has me psyched to see
such a sharp new mind writing on this stuff. Check it out now HERE

I'd like to get him on my new Internet Radio Talk show...


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