Saturday, February 09, 2008

Should You Listen To What They Put in Magazines?

Hey Carlos,

I've had great success with your teachings, and have finally 'settled' down a bit and have a nice girlfriend and all. Thank you.

You mentioned somewhere that magazines such as Men's Health are great and offer good advice and all,and that's true to a good extent,especialy for info on career and working out and diets.But some of their dating advice seems contradictory to your work. I mean,it urges you to always be the one to say sorry to a woman even if it's none of your fault,to believe that the woman has to be won,to think that women are the prize of the relationship. To me, that seems somewhat contradictory to your methods and what I believe in. I mean, I've used the belief that the 'woman has to be won' before and it's never worked.

Of course,I do agree that some stuff on the magazine is good,but a lot of it relies on the 'what should be' principles and not 'what actually happens'. Don't you think so?

What are your views on this, and how solid is the dating info on Men's Health and similar mags?

Actually, I've never said that the advice in these magazines is "great." Only their tips on fashion and fitness.

Occasionally, Men's Health will have a few nuggets of wisdom in there, but the reality is that none of these magazines is going to risk controversy over any REALITY with women and masculinity. But any magazine that focuses on men's lives and men's experiences is a positive step, in my book.

While I don't subscribe to it now, I once did, and found it a good magazine.

When it comes to advice, you're already coming to the right spot. :)

I'm going to be a little obvious here and tell you that if you want to know where to go, you should probably read this: CLICK HERE

Magazines are in business to do one thing: keep you buying their magazine.

I'm here to help you get successful so you won't need me any more.

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