Sunday, February 17, 2008

I'll be in Vegas this Friday... Will you be there?

Hey, man...

I hope things have been going well for you. How are you doing
with your 2008 goals?

Well, the other day, my friend Savoy from Love
Systems (and also President of Mystery Method Corp) called me with
exciting news:

I'm going to be a featured speaker at the "Love Systems' Super
Conference February 22 to 24 in Las Vegas.

You've probably already heard about this -
it's going to have the most amazing collection of dating coaches
ever teaching together in one place...AND the material is fantastic.

Who else will be there? Well the Love Systems' guys of course,
Savoy, Sinn, Cajun (who just kicked butt on Keys to the VIP), The
Don, Tenmagnet (who trained Cajun). And Brad P. And Daniel
Johnson, the Head Instructor from Pickup 1010. And Badboy and
Cortez. And Thundercat. And Speer. And lots more.

But it's not just that "everyone will be there" and we'll be
hanging out and partying with everyone at the seminar over three
days in Las Vegas. The stuff that's going to be taught - and the
way it's all set up - will make this a powerful learning tool.

Check out some of these sessions:

Sinn on inner game

Savoy breaking down live pickup video

Badboy's introduction to direct game

Pickup 101 teaches you the 1,2,3 EASY approach

Panels and miniseminars on threesomes, online game, phone game,
dates, how to choose places to meet women, preventing flaking, day
game, strippers and hired guns, one-night stands, and more.

Exercises on improve/conversation, body language, teasing and
disqualifying, opening, approach anxiety, and more.

AND of course...the highlight of the show...I'll be unveiling the
Secrets of the Alpha Lifestyle on the main stage.

Main stage? Since when do conferences have a main stage? This one
does, because there are two sessions going on at the same
throughout the conference. That's two conferences for the price of
one. Your hardest task might be in figuring out what sessions
interest you the most.

Check out the full agenda

Now, how much would it cost to take programs from me, Badboy
Lifestyles, Pickup101, Love Systems, Brad P Presents, Thundercat,
Speer, and so on?

Well, it would be impossible for one thing -
guys like Sinn don't teach 1-1s anymore, Savoy rarely teachers,
neither does Thundercat, and so on. But even of the guys who you
would normally be able to get access to, it would be tens of
thousands of dollars, easily.

SuperConference (at the silver level, which I recommend)? $950.

That's it. And it's covered by 100% refund guarantee, not that I
can imagine anyone using it.

I can't wait to see you there.
Go to the site by clicking here...

Check out the SuperConference page and sign up now, and
I'll see you there...

Please stop by and say hi to me and Jen while you're in the conference.

Your friend,

Carlos Xuma

P.S. Make sure you sign up for "silver" and not "gold" (and that
you come through one of the links on this email). This way you'll
be qualified for additional field-work with me personally. I'll
be offering a very special custom-fit workshop at the seminar.
You'll be automatically emailed about this (not included in
conference fee).


Really. Sign up now. Don't procastinate.

Everyone who is coming to the
SuperConference has a massive
following and people are snapping up tickets quickly...I know about
half of them are already sold.

P.P.S. If you have any questions about the event or about my special
coaching that I'm offering at this conference, just email me at
this page so I get it...

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