Saturday, June 02, 2007

Your Meaning of Life

Hey Carlos -

Thanks for talking about
The Way of the Superior Man - I picked up the book a few weeks ago and have been reading / studying it.

I have been thinking about my life purpose a lot lately and am trying to find it. While I have a great job and clearly defined career goals, I feel that I'm more than my career / job (which, by the way - is a bank auditor / examiner). My life purpose, I feel, should be more than to be a bank examiner / auditor.

Do you have any recommendations on how one can go about finding their life purpose? I know my Myers Briggs type (ISTJ), and I have a list of personal values - perhaps I can use those in creating my life purpose??


Greg F.

Good question...

By its nature, a man's purpose is not something that will just appear out of the blue. You may not discover it until much later in life, in fact.

The most important thing you can be doing is just

This doesn't mean you have to go on a spirit quest or some retreat in Tibet. It just means that you have to be actively examining your current work and lifestyle to see if it fits your overall passions.

Look, I've wanted to be everything from an astronomer to a rock guitarist, so don't get the idea that it's all going to just fall in place. Ironically, you'll probably find your purpose or calling by chasing the things in life that
AREN'T your calling, but at least divert you to different paths than you would normally take.

You hit it on the head by starting with a personality assessment. From there, I'd even talk to various life coaches and people in the area of self-actualization.

Yes, you are more than your career...

You are more than the woman you are with...

You are more than the car you drive ...

You are more than the paycheck you get each week... (And this is the one that keeps more people from finding their calling - the pursuit of wealth rather than inner peace and happiness - which eventually does bring you the wealth you seek...)

To find out what your life purpose is, you can also go here to find out how I discovered my purpose, and how it led to true Alpha Lifestyle:
Secrets of the Alpha Man

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