Monday, June 04, 2007

You do whatever you have to...

Top of the day. Recently I've been reading the Dating Black Book and the Seduction Method. Greak work man! Breaking the ice isn't really a problem for me,after reading the DBB and SM.

What I don't understand is I feel I build enough rapport with the girls I've been talking to recently. I mean I tell them how i'm into male and female interactions and from the questions I would ask - which was mostly the questions you asked Kathy in the interview - [and] they would completely tell me all they wanted to see in a man.

But my problem is after getting their number they never return my call! So the problem isn't even getting their number but getting them to return my calls. I dont call too early, and give at least 2 days before calling them again.

The craziest thing happened to me at a party. I was cock-blocked by this stunning girl's friend. Her friend was a lesbian, so I didn't think she would be jealous of her friend talking to me. She could tell her friend was deep into the conversation with me, and would always pull her away.

What would I do in that kind of situation?

Of course she could be jealous of her friend talking to you. She wasn't jealous of her friend - she was jealous of
YOU because you were hitting on the woman she was attracted to.

Ohhhh yeah. Giggidy giggidy!

In reality, you should have worked to befriend the potential blocker lesbian. When you see that there's another woman in the mix, you need to work for her interest, too, or she's going to pull the pin on your grenade and ruin your game.

So what do you do when you do all the right things and you still find yourself blocked?

You have only one real option -
You have to do whatever you have to.

What? You think that's too non-specific?

There's a part of a recent movie I want to tell you about. The movie is called "The Last Kiss" and it stars Zach Braff (of "Scrubs" fame.) Zach is a great guy, and I loved "Garden State," but this movie was the epitome of the "chick flick." Still, there's usually something worth redeeming in these movies, some lesson to be learned.

I did find one such nugget in the movie. The dad of the woman talks to Zach about his cheating on his girlfriend, and he asks the dad what to do. "You do whatever you have to," he says. Meaning, it's not
WHAT you do, it's that you keep going until you succeed. IF you really want her back.

Well, long story short, Zach sleeps out on the porch for a few days, and eventually she relents. I'm not sure of the lesson there except that if you annoy and persistently try hard enough, any woman will take you back.

But the message for you is this - If there's something you want, you don't let anything get in your way. The ultimate statement of desire is your work to
GET what it is you desire. Nothing else speaks louder than that.

I know a hundred guys that would say: "Man, I want a Lamborghini!" Yeah, sure, dude. What guy doesn't want a $200,000 sports car?

But how many of them would be willing to really
WORK to make the money for that car? Not that many. They don't really want that car. They're just saying they'd like to have it if it doesn't mean too much effort on their part. They're tantalized by the possibility, but inside their own head they've already decided that they'll never actually have it.

Contrast this with the guy who will actually
DO what is necessary to acquire what he wants. The guy who sits down and devises a plan to get the things in life he wants. The man with the plan is the one that usually gets what he wants.

If he wants it bad enough.

So when lesbian friend drags your girl away, do you let her? No, dude. You go right back in there with your knife clenched between your teeth... you duck under the barbwire, and you avoid the landmines. Just go back up to the woman and say, "Hey, I realize we all didn't get a chance to bond properly there and all, but I thought you were interesting. I knew that if I didn't come over and at least get your number, I'd never forgive myself."

You don't give up.

You are persistent not because you come from a place of weakness and lack but from a place of desire and
Alpha Strength.

If you don't know the difference, you should probably read

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