Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mind Control Goes Commercial

Everything can be commercialized now using the Internet.

A mysterious figure known only as JK Ellis is attempting to mainstream mind control and “cult development” for the curious and the power hungry.


Through his blog and web site JK Ellis easy he can help anyone create a cult in a step-by-step fashion to appeal to your desire for power, control and personal betterment.

Understandably JK Ellis is doing all of this anonymously utilizing a combination of other peoples products and services to spread the word.

From his blog Ellis describes an ominousness and ambitious project called “Perfected Mind Control” which threatens to turn old style mind control tactics on its ear.

Ellis describe Perfected Mind Control benefits as finding healthy recruits which will
act more predictably, benefit from the PMC processes, less subject to siphoning energy from group recourses, less subject to uncontrollable phobias and anxiety, more likely to have a stable income”

He also tells you how to operate a cult so that you are bullet proof from law suites and over payment of taxes.

All in all Perfected Mind Control is promised to benefit everyone involved, not just the cult guru.

...or so says JK Ellis.

Only time will tell.

You can read more about the PMC project at THIS WEBSITE and the JK Ellis blog at THIS LOCATION.

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