Sunday, June 10, 2007

Beware of polarized communication...

All-or-nothing thinking prevails these days.

What am I talking about?

It's that propensity for guys to think in black-and-white.

Yes or no.

Good or bad.

Right or Wrong.

Polarized to one side or the other.

"You're either with us or against us..."

There is very little in life that is mutually exclusive, meaning there's not that much that requires you to choose one absolute over another.

But time and again I see this need for guys to think in these terms, mostly to make things comfortable for them. Easier to digest with a mind that isn't willing to do the work to engage in critical thinking.

I recently read a newsletter from someone in the "community" (that clever term for the guys who want to discover how to attract women more effectively.) In this email, the person used the term "seduction community" and "lies" synonymously.

They're not necessarily the same, and it really struck me as a way of being a little "elitist" and superior, as if this person's take was the "truth."

I see this particular thinking with a lot of guys that consider themselves "enlightened" here in the whole "California consciousness" scene. In fact, it's with women, too. They get a little arrogant after they find some bit of spiritual truth that they perceive to put them further along life's path than others may be.

Don't let yourself be pulled into this polarized thinking that attempts to prejudice you. It's easy to view this as good and that as bad, because it lets you be a bit superior for a while. You get to be the smart guy.

You get to be "Right."

Until you learn something new...

And it all changes again.

Keep learning, keep expanding your horizons, and never let anyone tell you that someone else is wrong because of x and y and z. Just let them show you THEIR way, and then YOU be the judge.

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