Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Is this the way you want to program your subconscious mind?


Enjoying your Alpha Man cds...

The phrase that sends a shiver up my spine is "I'm gonna [email protected]$k THREE HOT WOMEN EVERY WEEK FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!" I know this is a little different from your "Super Confidence Now!" but since mine is a little more direct, does it make it bad?

Even though it has not materialized yet, I know I will achieve my goal, not because I am entitled to it, but because I am expecting it and know it will happen.

Any suggestions, appreciated.


Well, here's a little suggestion, and keep in mind that it's coming from a place of "been there, done that, bought the t-shirt...."

When I talk about this topic of dating and attraction, it always comes from a place of respect for women and a place of honesty within each guy. The bare-knuckle truth is that even though you think that sleeping with a bunch of women is your desire and gets you excited, it's really just a channel for your sexual energy.

Deep inside, this isn't all you're looking for. A lot of guys think it's sexual conquest they desire, but it's much more than that.

Look, ask any woman that has an ounce of self-honesty and awareness and she'll tell you that women want sex, too. In fact, women want sex MORE than men.


Yep. He did.

Because it's true. It's just that society has NEVER smiled upon women that embrace their sexuality. In fact, in order to control women and ensure their paternity (that a child was really theirs), men through the ages have created rules and laws to make it difficult for women to show their sexual nature outside the confines of a committed and monogamous relationship.

But let's not get too far off track here...

If you are setting your goal to be sexual fulfillment, that's your prerogative.

Go for it. Have fun, be safe, sleep well.

But if you have a goal that most men do, which is to realize his full potential with not only women but with his success in LIFE - increasing his financial success, friendships, influence, etc. - then you need to get rid of the "f*ck women" mindset. It will ultimately set you way back on your path to Alpha Manhood.

You need to get a shiver up your spine for something that increases YOUR masculine value, not just satiates your biological needs.

Creative visualization is one of the most powerful mental processes you can use to achieve whatever you want in your life. I included the various ways in which you can create the kind of reality you want through this technique in the Secrets of the Alpha Man. I want you to use it as a tool for greater accomplishment.

So while your statement of intent there is one that I think you can vividly imagine, it's not really all within your control. It's also not realistic.

Why not instead say: "I will learn the skills necessary to have any woman I desire." Of course, phrase it in a way that gives you that tingle... or just tack it on to the current one you made up.

But don't limit your thinking to simple sexual release.

You're a MAN. You are capable of creating Wonders of the World. Don't squander your immense potential on just bumping uglies...

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