How to Approach Women, How to Talk to Women, and Read Body Language

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Dating Dynamics Shows You:

- Dating Advice for Men

- How to Approach Women

- How to Talk to Women

- How to Attract Women

- How to Meet Girls

- How to Read Body Language

- Dating Tips

- How to Get a Girlfriend and Keep Her












Would You Like To Know The Secrets Of:

How to Approach Women...

How to Talk to Women ...

and How to Read Body Language...?



Does this sound remotely familiar:

You're sitting somewhere having an ice cold beer, and you're talking to some friends. Out of nowhere, a woman passes by that makes your heart pound in your chest, and you can't take your eyes off her.


More than anything, you wish you knew how to approach her, but somewhere inside you don't feel like you know how to do it.

Before you can pry your butt off your chair, that little voice in your head starts talking to you:


"She's out of your league...

"She's probably got a boyfriend ..."

"You're probably not her type..."

"You have no idea what to say to her..."



seduction dating advice



It's Time to Silence That Voice of Doubt Forever...


I have been working with guys for years now on every aspect of their dating lives.

I've shown men how to build their self-confidence with my Secrets of the Alpha Man program, learning and preparing for the world of dating and being a single man with The Dating Black Book, and one thing keeps coming up again and again.


There's one thing men everywhere want to know - and learn precisely how to do:



How to Talk to Women - Without Getting Rejected...




Of course, there's a bunch more related questions:

  • What do I say to her to impress her?

  • How do I talk to women and not turn her off?

  • How do I get her phone number and a date when I approach a woman?

  • How do I get up the guts to approach women in the first place?

  • How do I handle it when I talk to women and they blow me off or ignore me?

  • How do I read body language so that I don't approach or talk to women that aren't interested?



Whatever you do with a woman, it all starts by seeing her, approaching her, and then talking to her. In fact ...





EVERYTHING Begins With Knowing How to Approach Women...



You probably already know this, and yet it's still tough to do, isn't it?

You'd probably rather run naked through your neighborhood than risk walking up to a beautiful woman and starting a simple conversation. (Or risk her turning you down!)



  • Are you tired of that queasy feeling in your gut when you try to work up your nerve to talk to women?

  • Are you sick of letting perfectly good opportunities pass you by?

  • Are you disgusted when you replay all those chances to approach women you didn't take?

  • Do you get pissed off when the woman you were interested in leaves with another guy because you didn't handle the conversation right? Or you didn't know how to read body language right?

  • Are you fed up with trying to figure out how to avoid rejection and pain?

  • Do you feel like there's a code to understanding how to talk to women in their language?



A lot of other advisors out there will tell you that you just need to get out there and "just do it."

Well, that's great advice if you're selling sneakers, but you need more information than that. If you could "just do it" you would talk to women more often right now.


After all, the concept of how to talk to women and how to approach women should be simple, but the reality is quite different.

You need a specific method to approach women, and an understanding of how to talk to women in a language that they both appreciate and understand.

Not only that, you need to know how to read body language so that you don't misunderstand her signals.


Wouldn't it be great if you had a complete system that you could learn in just a few hours that you could use over and over again to talk to women and approach women right now?



Now Available ...






"I received this program a few weeks ago. Not only is there tons of practical advice for starting a conversation with exact examples that are not hard to implement...but they all make sense for any personality.

"Besides that Carlos covers in depth the mind frame needed to approach as well as exercises designed to make the approach have the best chance to succeed. This is the best program or literature I have found because it is neither outrageous and wild...requiring tons of balls to pull off....nor is it plain and boring.

"Most of the advice just feels right and will feel right to the person you approach....congruency will be easily acheived. This program is also delivered in a manner that allows you to quickly burn this stuff into your memory. If you want a good approach program I cant think of anything out there that is better for the money."

- R. W.






You're Going to Get Every Trick, Tactic, Formula, Shortcut, Strategy and Jealously-Guarded Secret I've Got in My Arsenal to Approach Women:


What you absolutely must avoid doing during your approach to avoid the "uncomfortable silence" situation...

How to use "Monk's Discipline" for perseverance to success...

Are you afraid to approach women? Afraid of rejection? We'll destroy the myths and show you how to rid yourself of the fear and anxiety...

Why most approaches fail, and what you can do to double your success rate

The Five Levels of Approachers - Find out which one you are, and how to achieve phenomenal growth by using the right approach strategies for you

The A.I.M. Method of approaching, explained in detail from start to finish - a complete system of how to approach women - for every guy at any skill level

The mind-set you must adopt to ensure you are never rejected again

Example Approaches Galore, you'll have specific word-for-word approaches for meeting girls at:

  • A Restaurant

  • A Grocery store

  • A Department store

  • A Bar

  • A Club

  • A Park

  • A Parking Lot

  • A Street or sidewalk

  • A Bookstore

  • Your Local Coffee Shop

  • A Party

  • Any Group Setting

  • A Festival or a Street fair

  • A Convention

  • Your Gym or Exercise Club

  • An Art Show

  • ANYWHERE you see women!




This program will give you FOUR information packed CDs of over 280 minutes of hard-core approach advice and motivation. I'll explain all the the principles in easy-to-understand language, with tons of examples.

These techniques and introduction methods work over and over again. After all, if your success isn't repeatable, it's no good.


I'll even help you get your attitude and self-confidence up where it needs to be. No program that shows you how to approach women would be complete without an understanding of how to conquer your inner fears when you talk to women.





"Thanks for the Approach Women program, Carlos. The inner game material on the first two discs sets up the right mindset and expectations for approaches, and the examples on the third and fourth CDs are priceless.

"I've listened to it a few times and already borrowed it out to my wingman who has some serious approach anxiety. We're heading out this weekend to the bars and I hope to see him using the material to get over his internal issues.

"Thanks again for a great product."

- J.C.



"Carlos Xuma's Approach Women Now Program is just the kick I needed to get back out into the field and show women what type of a man I am learning to become. Carlos shows us that developing a strong inner self is the key that is overlooked by so many men in the world of dating and striving to become more Alpha.

"His material, including the Alpha Man Program and the Dating Black Book is not something to be skimmed over, but something to go back and dig deep into as a reference, especially for your sticking points which he knows exactly how to tackle.

"His material also does something that no one else's shows a sense of maturity. The only way to know what I mean is to purchase it for yourself.

"Thank you Carlos...for helping me strive to become the man I want to be."

- P. R.




In Just a Few Hours You Will Learn Proven Methods for:

How to Approach Women...

How to Read Body Language...

and How to Keep a Conversation Crackling With Excitement




Here's What You'll Learn from the 4 Digital Audio CDs:


CD 1 - Attitude, Psychology, and Motivation

How to Motivate Yourself for Success

How to Convey the Right Attitude and Posture

Overcoming Your Fears and Removing Rejection

Preparation to Approach Women

Goals and Calibration

The Attitude of the Master Approacher


CD 2 - Body Language and Exercises

How to talk to women, and What Body Language You Can Ignore

Reading Energy Levels

Reading Body Language Indicators, From Head to Toe

Positive and Negative Body Language Signs

Proxemics, Mirroring and Pacing

Exercises to Improve Your Attitude, Generate Self-Confidence, and Motivate Yourself

Controlling Your Mind-Body State

CD 3 - Architecture of the A.I.M. Model - Example Approaches

Philosophy and Architecture of Approaching Women

The Complete Process to Approach Women

Communicating Your Interest

Getting through the Layers of Communication

Progressive Goals to Approach Women

CD 4 - Example Approaches - Power Tools - Diagnosing Your Problems and Fixing Them

Using Applied Skills in Conversation to Drive Up Interest, Trust, and Rapport

Sexual Communication

Social Proof and High Social Value (HSV)

Problems and Solutions When You Approach Women

Advanced Skills for Approaching Women

References, Resources, and Complete Approach Explanations











"Your new Approach Program is spectacular, Carlos! It's loaded with valuable, quality information on approaching women.

"All of the ins and outs of approaching are discussed. This program is going to be invaluable. There are also many new ideas that you have never taught before, and lots of things that are instantly usable in the real dating world.

"...Your customer service is second to none. It's so obvious to me that you are a coach that actually cares about the progress of his students, and your knowledge and experience is vast.

"I'm very happy with the purchase, & look forward to applying what I have learned!"

- D.


"Carlos, the approach women cds are awesome. The techniques are so specific and detailed. It's exciting to see the confidence I'm feeling is transcending into every aspect of my life. Women are really starting to see how attractive I really am."

- Matt






Men Everywhere Will Envy Your Ability to Approach and Talk to Women - Anywhere, Anytime!



Would you leave on a trip to somewhere you'd never been before without a plan, a roadmap of the land that lies ahead? Or at least directions to tell you which way to turn?


No way!


Without directions you'll get hopelessly lost.




You might get there by luck, but it will take you ten times longer to find it than if you knew the way in advance. Or if someone gave you a clear map.

If you've ever taken the wrong exit or wrong turn in the area where you live, you know that it's not easy to find your way - even somewhere you think you already know like the back of your hand.



The same thing is true when you learn how to approach women. Just one wrong turn during your approach or in the conversation will doom you to failure. You need to know where you're going!


I used to just go in and "wing it" when I would approach women, and I got horrible results. You know it isn't going well when your hands are sweating, your mouth is dried out, and your heart is hammering your ribcage over 100 beats per second.


The best way to stay relaxed during your first interaction with a woman is to have a plan. Your plan gives you confidence that no matter what happens, you can flow with it.

That's what this program gives you. An iron-clad foolproof plan to approach women anywhere you see them. When you have the tools, the work is easier, and you'll find yourself more calm during the approach as a result.






"Carlos, My biggest fear had always been the approach.

"I have always felt that that fear was holding me back from having a healthier dating life. After hearing your podcasts and reading your blog I decided to jump in with your 'Approach Women Now!' series.

"The exercises, tips and example approaches have moved me into a new realm! I am no longer worried about being tongue-tied or without words. Even when I don't use the approaches you give, just knowing that they are there for backup has helped tremendously.

"I can't thank you enough!"

- Jay W.



"[The Approaching Women Now CDs] are amazing! The material in these CDs is truly mind opening and insightful!

"One of the exercises (the association game) alone is helping me improve my game and my ability to think quickly on my feet by leaps & bounds.

"I can't say enough about the program. Carlos has really put
together an awesome package of material for not only approaching women, but becoming a better, more calm, cool, collected Alpha Man!

- Anthony











This is your map, and it will give you clear and concise directions to creating attraction and interest in the women you talk to.

No hype.

Just results.






Not only this, but you'll get the bonus Approach Coach Audio-zine with more tips, strategies, approaches, and motivation, including audio examples of how to talk to women with the right tone and inflection. New issues will be out each month for you to download.

A whole year of bonus audio at no additional cost!


Studies show that over 80% of all communications are non-verbal. It's not the words you say, but how you say it. You MUST know how to communicate with women by more than your words alone.



You'll also get your first issue of the Approach Coach right now with your order.





"The Approach Women NOW program is really a concentrate of power information. No fluffy stuff. Interesting, funny, easy to understand, and most of all extremely useful.

"I have just started to use the information in the program, like changing my attitude and the way I communicate with women. The effect is tremendous...

"From a guy with hardly any success with women hopelessly chasing them, they are now chasing me! Great! Interacting with women has become so much more fun. I cannot wait to explore the full power of this program..."

- Alex S.



"I have only listened to the first 2 cd's of the Approach Women NOW program but it has helped me tremendously. The first cd gave me the right mindset to approach girls and the second cd gave me useful body language tips and exercises to practice.

"Today with minimal anxiety and effort I was able to get two girl's contact information. Let me rephrase that -- two girls asked ME for MY contact information and I got a kiss-close from the 2nd girl within less than 10 minutes of meeting her.

Thank you Xuma for helping shy guys like me!"











"Wow, if more men approached women using the arsenal of tools intelligently compiled in the Approach Women Now series, women everywhere would sigh with relief.

"Carlos gives you the framework on how to magnetically attract women with the charisma of James Bond.

"The most important aspect Carlos teaches is to believe in your product, that being YOU.

"There are no gimmicks, no hype, hypnosis, or unrealistic expectations... 

"Mastering this product will separate the boys from the men."

- Cathy J.
(Yes, a woman...)



"Carlos' Approach Women Now program is one of the best
programs on approaching women that i have seen. Carlos
breaks down each step in minute detail, from the ideal
state of mind to walking up and approaching a women
you desire.

"I am starting to become an approaching
machine and it's all thanks to Carlos's program..."

- A. S.






Take a Look at the Secrets of How To Talk to Women That You'll Learn in This Digitally Recorded Audio program:




Qualification - how to use it to control the approach and the encounter so that you always get the number, or you get rid of her!

The "work" you don't know you're doing that will cripple you from success with women

Why introverts can be just as successful when they talk to women as extroverts - No more Mr. Shy Guy!

What you must do to avoid burning out when you talk to women

How a woman figures out if you have "chemistry" during your approach, and how you can control this feeling

How to choose and train your wingman for ultimate success - and what skills he must have to help you approach women effectively

The one ultimate goal of the approach - and how to achieve it (Hint: It's not what you think!)

Master your own physical and sexual energy levels and read other's energy with the ancient power of QiGong






"Your new Approach Program is spectacular, Carlos! It's loaded with valuable, quality information on approaching women.

"I'm very happy with the purchase, & look forward to applying what I have learned!"

- D.

'Til now, I approached women erraticaly, depending on circumstance... approaching women was mostly by trial and error.

"I have no problem approaching (which was one sticking point for sure).. I know how to handle each circumstance effectively. The best thing that happened is that with repetition and practice the material has already become second nature, and I find my self using it without thinking about it...

"Carlos has a unique way of transmitting practical and useful knowledge effectively.

"All you need for approaching women is in this program. I tried other stuff too, but it was merely a collection of hints and tips... Carlos puts TONS of useful and practical advice in every single one of his programs.

"Keep up the great work!"

- Dimos











Save over $100.00 off the list price when you order by Midnight tonight -



  • 4 CD Audio Home Study Course with over 4 hours of instruction

  • The bonus Reference E-book

  • A whole year of the Approach Coach Audio-zine... and your first issue with this order!


(The CDs will be sent to you in plain, discreet packaging.)


Just 3 easy payments of $32.33



BONUS: A full year of the Approach Coach Audio-zine

Giving you additional audio sessions to cover new approaches, insights, motivation, and methods for talking to women.



Order now to get every single issue!


You can even split it up over 3 easy installments...



If you'd like to order the APPROACH WOMEN NOW Program via check or money order, please click here and request mailing instructions.





Concerned about transmitting your credit card information over the Internet?


Don't worry - our shop uses the latest encryption to ensure that your transaction is SAFE.

seduction dating advice











Even if you only used a few of the powerhouse tips from this program, you will massively increase your success when you approach women.



Wouldn't you like to know...


What instinct you must trust to enable your long-term success with women...?

Open/Closed body language, and what you didn't know about the difference between men and women ...?

The single most important indicator of interest from a woman and how to read it ...?

The specific definitions of each of her body movements and how to read them all...?

Positive vs. Negative Indicators, and which ones you can trust?

Proxemics, what they are, and how they work in different settings...?

How to control how she feels about you through mirroring and pacing...?

The Approach Killers - we cover all the mistakes guys typically make during the approach - and how to avoid them ...?

How to Assume the Bond and have her feeling like she's known you her whole life ...?

The one thing you must communicate with your words to make your approach succeed...?




"Hey Carlos,
I had to write in to thank you for puting together your new program on
approaching. I have listened to it all, and I can honestly say that your
stuff is top notch.

"Keep coming up with new stuff. I can't get enough of

- Isaac from Texas


"I've had your Approach Women Now program for a little over a month now. Though it took some time adjusting, I noticed a signifigant change in how I view things in terms of dating and relating with other women.

"Your program really helped me put my fears aside and put women (and people in general) in proper prospective. Since then, I've been able to get out of the house, meet people and build a good rapport with a lot of women.

"The best thing about it is that being afraid of a rejection became a thing of the past once I realized how fun it was to actually go after something I want, regardless of the outcome. I always knew I had it in me but it was your progam that gave me the nudge that I needed.

Thanks Carlos,"

- Gregory



"Since it all begins with the approach, this one is a must.  Carlos gives you the fundamentals, and a bunch of examples.  But once you've listened to the whole thing, you'll be coming up with your own stuff.  Pair this up with some good closing skills and you're going to be dangerous!

- P in NYC


"I just completed the Approach Women Now program for the first time, and I am going to go through it again starting today. The main thing that I took from it was the whole mindset of: NEXT!!

"I tend to put too much emphasis on the outcome of a situation and tend to live in scarcity. That's all getting better thanks to programs like yours.

"Excellent programs chock full of attitude! Thanks Carlos! "

- J. B.




How to Approach Women




I've Included Exclusive Exercises That Will Show You:



- How to build a social network - create a broad and expansive social network that will fill your life with women

- Observational People Skills - increase yours by 100% in just a couple weeks

- How to change your core beliefs when you approach women, when you talk to women, and ongoing long-term success with women

- How to use Autogenics to remove anxiety and stay totally calm during the approach

- How to create conversations from thin air with anyone you meet - and keep them going!

- How to remove approach anxiety (AKA - Fear of Rejection) with a single exercise you can do at home before you go out

- Change your Identity - why "you" are a highly fluid concept, and how to take on the attitude and personality YOU want

- Track your progress and keep score the right way - and the one tool you must have to improve your ability to approach and attract the women you want

- Opening Rituals - How to enter a resourceful state in just a few seconds using the secrets that professional athletes have used for years

- Relaxation Control - Breathing and thought-control - get rid of those obsessive worries and fears!

- Tired of saying the wrong thing? Re-connect your mouth to your brain - exercises to stop you from tripping over your own tongue





You save over 50% off the list price if you order by

Midnight tonight -




Including the:

(The CDs will be sent to you in plain, discreet packaging.)



It's just like having your very own dating coach...






Single payment or split it up over 3 months ...



How to Approach Women

Your purchase is secure and guaranteed for 90 days. If you're not satisfied, I'll cheerfully refund your investment after you return the materials in re-saleable condition.





"I enjoyed your Approaching program!!! It provided me step-by-step approaches on EVERY single situation.

"[An] organized, Systematic, structured method that is easy to remember and - most importantly to me -  PERSONAL that I can change and modify to fit any current situation. Thank you so much [for] putting this program together!"

James, CA


"Carlos Xuma's "Approach Women Now" Program is just the kickstart I needed to get back into the game with a big bang.

"Applying his techniques and philosophies, I have been practically fearless in talking and flirting with some of the hottest 9's and 10's I have ever laid eyes...and hands on, and it keeps getting better. The trick starts with inner game, which he is the dating coach pioneer of in terms of getting into the right state of mind.

"Most importantly, his advice does one thing other dating gurus don' shows a sense of maturity, and the only way to understand what I mean is to purchase the program for yourself..."

- P.R.




"Hey Carlos, Joseph here. Been using your methods for only a month now and what a difference I've never been a shy guy just didn't know the game. Been having a lot of good things happening to me lately ... I feel so much better about myself.

"I'm getting numbers in cold situations even doing better in online dating ...just dont seem to worry about it any more and i rarely meet with any hostility... even when a lady's not interested shes almost always flattered and very kind about it.

"Thank you very much this is the one area in my life ive never quite been able to get under control..."

- J



"I would reccomend this product as it has help me grow so much on myself.  Its not just for picking up women or dating - it's very helpful in building your esteem and you wholeness as a man.  

"[The Approach Women Program] helped me find what i really am capable of and release the inner man in me and made me a better man in the process.  i dont just recomemend this for the little guy just learning its good for all men out there who have ever dated and doubted."
-T. W.







How to Approach Women






What Every Man Needs to Know - How to Approach Women and Talk to Women...




The Architecture of the Approach - from start to finish, we describe the Dynamic Approach Technology and the AIM model - the proven method for how to approach women anywhere

How to choose which women to approach and which to avoid

Be the Lion - how to assume the mental state for success

The one thing you can do to warm her up before you approach that will improve your closing ratios by more than 30%

The Three Layers of Social Interaction, and where you must cross each in your approach

Knowing when to end your approach for maximum effect

What you must do as fast as possible to get her phone number

"The Hop" and how you apply it when you talk to women

Specific approaches - word-for-word and tools you can use in any introduction

How to talk to women about sex in your conversation to get her hot with desire - three killer lead-ins to get her talking about her wild fantasies with you...

How being too prepared gives you away - and how you can avoid this trap!

Closing the Deal - How you end the conversation gracefully and get her phone number

How to create lasting change - How to make your new skills permanent

Diagnose Your Approach - how to spot your problems and correct them, from start to finish

Advanced techniques for the expert approacher

Essential resource list for continuing education

How you get inspiration and motivation when your mood is low

The most important female interest indicator that almost every guy misses

The one bad habit most guys have during an approach that kills a woman's interest - and how you can turn it into a solid gold attraction mechanism


How to pickup women using your own personality



There’s still one last thing you may be wondering…

“Is There a Guarantee?”


Yes, absolutely.

In fact, I’m so confident you’ll be bowled over by this unique material - I’ll even provide you with a complete 60-day Money-back Guarantee.

Try the techniques, and if you aren't getting better success when you approach women after using this material, just return the program in re-saleable condition and I'll refund your money.

No hassle.

I know that sounds nuts, but I think that this package is THAT good.

I used to go out and really have that sick sensation in my gut that I'd never be able to meet women because I was so nervous and scared to just introduce myself. That's totally changed for me, and I want you to know how to do that, too.





How to Approach Women - NOW!




Listen, if you’re serious about learning the art and science of approaching women with a style they can't resist – there’s no excuse for letting this opportunity slip through your fingers.

Don’t be left out! The next move is up to you.

All the best,






And there are NO RISKS, with my 100% money-back guarantee!


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how to talk to women





"After 23 years of marriage, I was quite apprehensive about going back into the dating scene at age 53. Actually, apprehensive is putting it lightly. I was terrified. Your audio coaching programs offered a clear and focused way of approaching women and engaging them in just about any situation.

"What was at first a anxiety laden experience, was transformed into a fun and successful way of bringing women into my life.  In fact, at this point I've got more women than I can handle. I feel like a kid in a candy store!  Keep up the great work. Your programs are worth their weight in gold"

- S.D.



"I can't thank you enough for the Approach Women Now
program. Finally, I have the confidence and the
dialogue to walk up to a beautiful women, strike up a
conversation and not feel like a fool.

"I'm so glad
your program wasn't filled with cheesy one-liners. You
give so many examples of real natural conversation
starters. It's so cool, thanks buddy..."



"I purchased the Approach Now ... and its already reaping benefits. Initially it was really hard for me to go out and approach women on the street.

"After listening to your audio the words "Give yourself permission to talk to women" I thought what the hell and went out. It was nerve wracking at first, now my approach anxiety has dropped significantly, 90% if the time I have no approach anxiety..."

- C. P.






PS: You know that learning how to approach women and talk to women correctly is a skill you must have. Don't let your own inner voice of doubt get in the way of your taking this step forward.

When you can talk to women - any women you choose, you'll have options that you never imagined before.


Just imagine walking into any social situation and knowing that you're going to leave with any woman's phone number, or even with her on your arm!

You'll be admired as a leader and a powerful, confident man. Believe me, it's the best feeling you can have.

Don't talk yourself out of the most important ability you can have as a man. Learn how to approach women - NOW.




PPS: I've made special arrangements for you to get this program, even if you're a little short on cash at the moment. Just order by clicking here...






"Carlos. Your program is life changing. It turned my life from gloomy and dull to something new and exciting... I don't know how to thank you. You really made a change inside me. Hope you can do it for everybody who needs it and is ready for it. You are my best friend. Your advice is priceless. I will pass it over to my kids when I decide to have some."

- G. in Italy





"Kudos to you Carlos... Your new CD's program addresses a fundamental problem without beating around the bush ... It is well structured and quite complete. It will help both beginners (like me) and advanced students. Continue your excellent work..."













































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