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- Carlos Xuma - Seduction Method

I wanted to take a minute to see if you were thinking about your sexual attitude while you're out there looking for ladies.

What's that? You don't know what your sexual attitude is?

Let's take a look at a woman's sexual attitude:

- She protects her sexual nature - she won't just give it up for anyone

- She knows that she can get it anywhere if she really wants to

- She doesn't even have to be good in bed for a guy to enjoy her
Okay, now let's take a look at a typical MAN's sexual attitude:

- He gives is up as soon as he possibly can, for any woman that doesn't turn him off

- He knows that women control the sex, so he can't get it anywhere he wants unless it's from a hooker

- He knows (but may not care) that women take more technical skills to satisfy in bed

Sex is a supply and demand equation, with guys forming the demand, and women creating the supply. With that kind of economic system already in place, don't you think you need a little more than smooth words to get a woman in bed? Well, you do, but it's not money, or good looks, or hypnotic trance words that do it.

One of the critical components of your attitude is how you treat your own sexuality. Imagine, for instance, what would happen if you assumed the attitudes of a woman.

Now, it's just not realistic to think that a guy can simply reverse his attitude and suddenly switch over to be the supply in the sexual economy, but it does move you in that direction. You need to start thinking of yourself as the DESIRED, not the DESIRING...

How do you show this reversal?

When was the last time you played a little hard to get? (Most guys wind up playing "hard to want.")

When was the last time you turned a woman down?

When was the last time you refused to sleep with a woman?

When was the last time you made a woman pass YOUR tests?

Role reversal with a woman is one of the most effective ways of communicating to her that you don't need her. For anything. And if she doesn't smell the stink of desperation on you, she's more liable to want to know what you've got if you don't act like the last 50 guys who came on to her too fast. A man that doesn't give it up so easily is challenging and different in her eyes.

By assuming the attitude of the SUPPLY in the sexual economy, you will then give off the "vibe" of the man she wants to meet.

Do you treat your sexuality as something you are desperate to give away to her?
If a woman were to throw herself at you right away, would you be able to refuse her?

One thing I used to say to women that got them both challenged and interested was: "You know, I hope you don't think I'm some kind of easy lay. I need to know you're a good woman before I'll let you seduce me."

This always threw them in a spin. Now, you have to be careful how you express this, because you don't want to give her the idea you're holding back to get a woman to commit to you, or even be exclusive with you.

You only want her to understand that you treat yourself as valuable and respectable, and that you don't just give it up for anyone. Make sure that she understands that the reasons are for standards, not to force commitment.

I've been guilty of playing this card too seriously and losing a perfectly good squeeze in the sheets because she mistook my playful pickiness as meaning I was looking for a long-term commitment. In fact, I've made that mistake a couple times.

All you want to do is introduce an element of challenge and doubt into her head - doubt that she could actually get you to sleep with her. It has to be a challenge she wants to overcome with her inherent female characteristics.

So drop hints regularly that you are not willing to just roll over and boff any woman that moves. The more picky you seem, the more exclusive she feels. And, ultimately, that's what every woman wants most - to feel unique and special enough.

There's a lot of complex psychology at work with most women. In fact, the one thing Sigmund Freud once said is that the one thing he COULD NOT figure out after decades of studying people and their problems is this: What a woman wants.

Sigmund was a smart guy, but he was too smart for his own good when it came to studying these things. Sometimes a big brain gets in the way. Especially for smart guys in the dating scene.

The psychology of a woman is not so different when it comes to attraction. You see, men and women respond to similar strategies when it comes to our relationship and sexual attraction patterns. That's right, the things I advise you to do here will probably work for women as well.

Let's think about this:

If you were to spend your day at the lake fishing, without any idea of what to buy or bring to catch fish, how well do you think you'd do?

Probably not too well. Even if you had the good sense to buy a fishing pole, some hooks, and bait, you really don't know any of the skills involved in catching fish.

Would you know what strength line to buy?

Which kinds of lures work on which fish?

Where they swim?

How deep?

How to reel them in without having them pop off the hook?

Would you have the slightest idea how to clean and gut them so you could eat them?

Which ones taste good and which are awful?

And, honestly, fishing is not a complicated pastime. There's not a lot of variables at work here. (No offense to the guys out there in hip-waders)

Now, imagine the world of dating and seduction. If you were to go out night after night without any idea of what equipment to use, or how to bait your line, or how to reel them in ... how successful do you think you'd be?

The truth is that most guys go out all the time and end up doing nothing more than shooting the odds, and reinforcing bad habits without ever learning anything new. They go out time after time after time, not figuring out what works and why, and beat their heads against the wall.
I see it all the time.

In fact, I used to do that ALL the bloody time.

Finally, I caught on to what was happening. I started taking notes on what I was doing, as well as having the epiphany I think you've all read about at the web site. When things fell into place, it was a classic "Oh, sh*t!" experience.

Once you see (and feel) the attitudes that breed success, you can never go back. It's like having your eyes opened to a whole new way of looking at the world.

That's what THE SEDUCTION METHOD can do for your seduction game. It trains you and takes off the blindfold you've had on all these years. You can download it RIGHT NOW at:

Seduction Method

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