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SECRETS OF THE ALPHA MAN - This e-book and CD coaching covers your inner game, from meeting women, to cultivating complete confidence, to life and success strategies, to understanding what the winners and Alpha Men in life have that you can have, too. Looking for a better lifestyle and inner confidence, as well as more women? This book shows you a map to a more successful LIFE.

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The Alpha Man Conversation & Persuasion Program is your high-octane training for communication POWER.

Carlos guides the listener through 14 CDs (and over 4.5 hours of bonus material) covering ALL aspects of communication and conversation strategies.

Intense focus is given to making your communication as persuasive as possible, using such techniques as NLP, rapport building, curiosity and attraction, argumentative logic, humor, verbal self-defense, and more.

Considerable weight is put on communication with women, but this program will also highlight how to converse more effectively with EVERYONE in your sphere of influence.

Once you've completed this program, you'll never say "I didn't have anything else to talk about!" EVER again... This is True Alpha Conversation POWER.

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Alpha Conversation POWER



Carlos Xuma and the power to attract women anytime - approach women now!


Is there ANYTHING more important than learning the secrets of how to attract women?


Time is running short for all of us, no matter how young or old you are. Don't waste precious years of your life learning by trial and error (and perhaps not learning at all).

Get the information on how to improve your dating life TODAY. Make the changes you need to make to get the love, se-x, and relationships that you want and DESERVE to have.

If you've ever found yourself saying, "I don't understand women!" then our e-books will finally give you the knowledge you need to finally understand.

I'm telling you, it's like getting a book that describes how a certain magic trick is done that has fascinated you for years.

All my experience ... my heart and soul is in these e-books and audio programs. I just know you'll enjoy them.

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I'll be back with more advice soon ...This is the year for you to get busy and get successful with women!

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- Carlos Xuma


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