Dating Advice for Men - How to Approach Women, Attract Women, and Meet Girls Dating Advice for Men - How to Approach Women, Attract Women, and Meet Girls



Dating Advice for Men - How to Approach Women, Attract Women, and Meet Girls


























Dating Dynamics Shows You:

- Dating Advice for Men

- How to Approach Women

- How to Talk to Women

- How to Attract Women

- How to Meet Girls

- How to Read Body Language

- Dating Tips

- How to Get a Girlfriend and Keep Her








































"[You] are the one that got me started in this dating journey towards success with women for your audio program....I love it ...!" - J.M.



"Hey Carlos, I know your hear this a lot, but us men are telling you the truth. You are the man! Or should I say the "Ladies Man". I listened to your Audio Coaching Session ... last night and the stuff you say is so profoundly true ... All I can say its awesome ..." C.D.



"Carlos, you rock! Your books and audio coaching makes me feel like I'm actually in a class of some kind that is teaching me what I've always wanted to know. Keep it up, and I'll see you in class..."
- G.C.

































To Meet and Attract Women,

You Need to Know the Dating Rules First...



I've been providing the best dating advice for men as well as seduction tips for over two years. I cover all areas, such as how to meet girls, how to show your woman a REAL romantic time, and even how to know if she's ready to kiss you.


Up until now, you've only been able to get these early Audio Coaching Sessions if you were a subscriber from the very beginning.



I've made special arrangements to give you

all twelve

of the first year's Advanced Audio Coaching Sessions in this special offer.


All of the first 12 months are here for you on ONE CD, in MP3 format. You can listen to them at home, in the car, on your iPod, or any MP3 player you have.

You can even create your own custom audio CDs or playlists with the segments you find most helpful!



Imagine attending a seminar with an authentic dating and seduction expert that would give you specific how-to advice on how to approach women, and how to get a girlfriend without buying her affections.




Learn how to STOP being rejected by women



Areas like overcoming your fears and showing you how to approach women. How to benefit from various seduction tactics to ensure that you meet women tonight instead of sitting home alone.

And imagine that this expert would provide you with the breakthrough skills to advance and get what you want from women ... by giving women what they want from men. This is a comprehensive FORMULA - dating advice that you need to meet girls and get a girlfriend, as well as keep a quality relationship - guaranteed.


Now, imagine that I'm not just some flaky self-help author that's out to fill you up with talk about how you need to look for your "soul-mate," or find your "sacred self," but a real man who is single, dating, and in the trenches right there with you.


I'm the dating coach for the nice guy who just wants to have more choices with women... and meet girls more often ... and get more success with all women in his life.


"Great work on the audio series! That is a fantastic idea ... There is something about hearing the words spoken by the master that adds greatly to the learning experience. Once again, I am IMPRESSED!"
- D.S.

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"I've found the advanced audio coaching series extremely useful... I now see why I've had the successes that I've had in the past and why the failures have happened. The audio series has reinforced that and has given me more ideas about how to increase self-confidence even further ... It's onwards and upwards from here and I'm confident of many more successes in the future."
- A.C., New Zealand

"Hello Carlos. Great news for me. I'm engaged to a wonderful woman just last week thanks to your superb coaching on how to connect with the female species..."
- L.W.



These audio programs are one-on-one dating advice sessions with me, Carlos Xuma, the author of The Dating Black Book and The Seduction Method dating guides.

This package is the masterpiece set of 12 Sessions of the first year of Advanced Audio Coaching.

Each session is over 100 minutes of mind-blowing dating advice. This is the highest quality dating advice you can use right now to increase your ability to meet girls and get a girlfriend.





Learn What Women Want In These 21 Hours of Audio Coaching...




Altogether, there are over 21 HOURS of the most powerful advice, tips, tactics, tests, inspiration, phrases, exercises... You name it, and it's revealed in here.


  • From superior communication with women to sex

  • From approaching women to dating and finding the right one for you - meet a girl you can enjoy and trust

  • From a single long term relationship to dating as many women as you have time for

  • From attitude and unlimited confidence to getting her to buy you a drink when you meet girls

  • From body language examples to seductive phrases

  • From stunning theories to specific dialogue examples

  • Background research with the latest in vivid motivational techniques


A whole year of the most amazing dating and seduction advice you can find.




All Twelve Sessions of the Complete First Year On One CD



"I am open minded and always willing to learn new things so when I first heard about your audio's I was kinda of iffy about getting or paying for the audios, but I am glad I did.

"You have some good info and stuff I haven't heard of before and I can't wait to try some of it out. I really look forward to listening to more of your stuff and I will be using your advice. You have some great knowledge."

- J in San Diego

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"Want to get hot dates? Then you should get his Advanced Audio Coaching series. Incredible stuff packed inside, just waiting to be used on your next date candidate..."

- Dusan Belic - Great Dating Services

"You've done a great service... for many people out there, woman are an enigma, goddess[es] of beauty and stature un-attainable. Your e-book has greatly improved my ability to approach women, and the audio sessions put the final touches on technique.

"I love the audio sessions, and look forward to them every month. They've been of incredible help every step of the way. Thank you." - F.S.


"After being on your newsletter for sometime before purchasing I can honestly say I'm pleased I did so. There is crtical information on your audio session, which you can't get in an email. It's much nicer to hear rather than read..." - E.H.


"I think your products are great! I've really enjoyed the Audio programs and expect that I will continue to listen to them... And I've been in a great relationship for five months with a woman I would not have scored without your help.

"So, thanks! Your coaching has really turned me around, showing me a lot of things I was doing wrong..."
- D. M.





Imagine ... You Can Meet Girls and Get a Girlfriend After Learning The Strategies in This Gold-Mine of Advice:




  • Graphology - Using it as an intro, and why women love it

  • Challenge-response - the technique of building sexual tension for rapport

  • Female challenges - Women's tests, and how to handle them

  • "Are you for real?" - How they validate your power and value when you meet women

  • Email Responses - what to say when you're emailing women

  • Rapport and Cold Reading - What to say - Win/Win - The Astrology Line

  • Mystery - How it works to attract women, and keep them interested

  • Maintaining your Emotional Distance - the importance of avoiding obsession - Controlling your thinking and your fantasies

  • Posture - Physical posture and how to carry yourself to dazzle her

  • The Pre-Date Cheat Sheet with explanation and use

  • Planning for Seduction - how to prepare your house for her visit - lighting and sound choices, ambience, everything you need to be ready

  • Discover the Essence of Relaxed Confidence - and communicating self-confidence to women


Proven Advice To Meet Women By An Expert:

  • Getting the major details right, and which minor details are really important

  • Multiple streams of women - how to optimize your dating strategy for a dating calendar that is always packed

  • How to communicate easily with women in their language, with dialogue examples

  • The effective way to use a "line" so that it will actually work, with dialogue examples

  • "Slow to Hire" Strategy to protect your emotional investment

  • Electrifying Verbal and Non-verbal communication with women

  • The two explosive attitudes that translate into success

  • How to effectively Challenge her to increase her desire

  • The most common first-date mistake, and how to avoid it forever

  • How to use female competition to your benefit

  • How to handle her test questions - and PASS!

  • Which women you MUST avoid - find out if she is one with a simple test

  • The difference between male and female cheating

  • The importance of repetition for mastery - how you can simulate genius with a new habit. You'll learn how to become an expert using the power of persistence.

  • Increase Rapport and Trust - You'll learn why attraction isn't enough to win her over...

  • How to know if she's interested - Major vs. minor indicators

  • 4 communications style models - explained in detail for you to use and get effective communication with anyone - women or men - instantly!

  • Seeding: Finding something to talk about anywhere you go. No more dates with uncomfortable silences!

  • Speed Dating - How to use this new method to practice your skills and radically increase the number of women in your love life.

  • Specific mechanics of transitioning through approaches with a woman - she'll be insatiable for you

  • Relationship progression - the Dating Continuum revisited - learn what the steps are that you must take to get the woman you want

  • How to use scarcity to your advantage, as well as the psychology of seduction, how we respond to behaviors, and how to use them to your advantage

  • How to Have a Magical Touch including where and how you DON'T want to touch her ...exclusive!

  • Dynamics of relationships - For the guys that want just one special woman, and want to know how to make it last

Each session covers a whole set of topics, including what to say, how to say it, what to do, how to read the situation, and outstanding exercises created to give you the BIG picture on developing your confidence - your inner and outer game - POWER with women.




You'll get over 120 Audio Coaching segments in this colossal program.


Twelve Sessions.

Over 21 hours...




Okay, let's take a look at what else is covered in these sessions, because there's more....

A LOT more...



The Secrets Of What Women Want ...

  • How to make the opposite work - Breakthrough tactics for making compliments, being the "therapist", being the "nice guy", as well as the correct timing so that they're effective.

  • The "Camera" method of getting past your fears of meeting women and talking to them, as well as a real method of seducing her using a camera...

  • Pros and Cons of Wingmen - how to use them effectively to break into female groups, establishing your wingman protocol, when to go solo, getting feedback, and dynamite examples

  • How to take charge right from the start with an electrifying date concept that is sure to present the most confident and seductive side for you - and her

  • Alpha Male Power, and how you communicate it to a woman, along with the correct use of subordination, and the behaviors that communicate power and confidence effectively

  • Magical Sexual Tension - how it works with a woman and her attraction, how to use it for maximum effect, the Gear method of driving her wild for you

  • Secret insider tips for online dating - what to use and what to avoid when using the Internet to meet girls

  • Innovative Exercise: Bruce Lee Self-Confidence - The Circle - how to manage tension and ease anxiety in the dating and seduction situation

  • Setting Goals to Be the Person YOU Want to Be - How a life of adventure and self-actualization works to make you instantly attractive to women.

  • Stepping Stones: How to avoid getting caught in the trap of looking for "signs." Approach women effectively and with the right attitude. How to double and quadruple the number of women you date.

  • Dynamic Body Language - How to effectively interpret her signals and indications of interest. From eye contact to posture. Knowing when she's really into you or when she's giving off fake signals.

  • Powerful First Touch - How to handle the first time you touch her on the date or meeting. How to get her obsessing over you by knowing where to touch her first.

  • The Sizzling First Kiss - Handling the first kiss effectively, including style and performance, as well as timing and execution. How to know when she's ready to be kissed.

  • Stunning RAPPORT - The single most important factor in building trust with a woman. Techniques for building rapport, and how to know when you've achieved it. Pacing, mirroring, and eliciting values. And the three stage rapport model for leading her further into attraction to you.

  • Terrific Insider tips - How to avoid appearing like a "player." Adding in the Human Factor. Presenting Laid back confidence. How to leverage the massive power behind the supernatural in her romantic beliefs.



Are You Ready To Learn These Confidential Dating Secrets?





  • The "I See You" Tactic for smashing down barriers and establishing deeper rapport and acceptance

  • The Four-Quadrant Principle of Dynamic Communications - How to understand her communication style, as well as your own. The critical differences between male/female communications, and how to adapt to her style

  • Coping Strategies - How your instinctual survival mechanisms are sabotaging your success with women. What you need to do to regain control of your thinking

  • Electric Sexual Innuendo: How to inject the subject of sex in a conversation with women, and the timing to use. The "Advice" and "Sex Quiz" technique of finding out a woman's sexual interest level in you. (And her general freakiness level overall...)

  • Moods and boundaries - How to effectively handle a woman's moods and emotional boundaries. Where and why you must set certain limits. Handling her intense reactions. Redirecting her to new behaviors

  • The Power of the Genius Factor - How to gain the skills of the "naturals." How to achieve true proficiency through the use of one strateg

  • Control Female Interpretation - How women are interpreting your signals. What she sees in your clothes, car, etc. What you're saying without words. The CSI example of speed-characterization

  • Blazing Emotional Impact - How to have genuine emotional interest from a woman. Avoiding the boring. How to harness excitement and passion to trigger her necessary emotional investment

  • The Silent Treatment - What it is, and why she hits you with it. Also, how to handle it effectively every single time. Re-setting the boundaries, and knowing when to break up

  • POWER EXERCISE: Spectrums of Qualities - How to define what you want (and don't want) in a woman through the use of trait spectrums. Designing your "perfect" woman







Know What Women Want -

For Real.



  • How to keep a good woman interested over the long-term - the tactics that make her stay with you for good, with the reasons she will stay with you, and why she'll quit you

  • Why conflict is necessary, and why most guys end up turning into controlled chumps

  • Self-Development For The Seducer - What you must read and listen to for maximum growth, and how to keep a positive attitude when the world is trying to bring you down

  • The Blasting Power of Review - How to infuse these new habits in your lifestyle and make massive change at both ends of the confidence spectrum

  • Repetition and Your Subconscious - the twin powers of training your mind

  • Create a New Reality - The role of perspective and understanding in learning from your successes and failures, with the "Round World" example

  • The Mind-Blowing Interview - A complete session where we interview Cathy about what women want in a man, and what you will hear will change the way you think about dating forever

  • Why do women need drama? A complete breakdown of the female psychology, and how you can fill her needs

  • Why Bad Boys are so good for women - Charged behavior to start her mouth watering for you

  • Who should pay on the first date? On ANY date?

  • Handle Breakups: The Complete Guide

  • The most common mistakes in thinking and action that sabotage your breakups - and knowing when and if you can get a girlfriend back




"This is so much more than another dating tip or advanced macking series - you show people how to take control of their lives and use the women angle as the carrot, which is missing in a lot of self-help programs I've studied in the past.

"You present what is required to be successful with women and so much more."

- C



"I have bought virtually every product on the market on the topic of dating and seduction. I've also attended seminars and workshops to improve my skills in these areas...

"I wish I had learned about Carlos Xuma's products first and saved myself some money.

"In his audio coaching series and in his ebooks Carlos teaches you the skills, attitudes and beliefs to succeed not only with women, but with everyone. Become an Alpha Man and you will be a success in life..."

- RT -Los Angeles





  • How to Control Your Thinking, or you'll be the one in pain

  • Using the Stepping Stones to go from finding and meeting girls to the date, to the bedroom

  • Communication of Value - the ultimate skill of the Alpha Man

  • Controlling Breakup Cost for ultimate control over the dating experience

  • Complete review of "The Dance" and the principle of escalating sexual tension

  • Starting off on the right foot - Avoiding "dates" and other strategies for keeping your prospecting consistent

  • Phrasing, communication skills, and the powerful use of subtext

  • Advanced Communications with INDIRECTIVES - a strategy of value communication you can't afford not to use

  • Handling women with your posture and body language

  • Using T.E.D. and other approach strategies for meeting women, with examples

  • Watch her buying temperature, and monitoring your progress as you remove interference and focus in on the seduction conversation

  • Handling Women's Tests - the right way for men to communicate value with their verbal and physical communication

  • Proxemics - using physical space and touching for seduction power

  • The QUANTUM LEAP principle of raising your self-confidence with women - instantly

  • The squirrel-proof bird feeder example of persistence, and how you can break through (No goal will elude you after you understand this)





seduction dating advice







"'Finally!' - That's the first word that came to my mind. Someone finally put into words (audio) what needed to be communicated along with what they wrote.

You completely put everything together for me with the combination of your ebooks and your mp3. I can't wait to get the next session of mp3's. Keep up the great work!"

- JB from Chicago



"...The first audio coaching session ... was excellent. Using it as a companion to [the e-books] helped to reinforce many of the concepts that were presented... the fact that it was audio rather than text made it easier to determine the points of emphasis.
I will definitely get the next session when it is available."

- J.M.



"Great audio program, well thought out questions that I wouldn't have thought of asking! Saves a lot of time when you don't have to be a mind-reader and learn how to enjoy the company, instead of spending all the time trying to figure out who you're with.

[This audio] asks what you've always wanted to ask, but didn't know how. Confidence booster!!"

- M.D.



"Your stuff really works. I'm amazed how you put all of these together... I'm using your techniques and they are like magic ... You read the book, listen to the audios, go out practice them and you start to show the results.

Carlos you have broken the code of seducing women... Thank you..." - M




Each session is over 100 minutes of quality coaching, crammed with topics ranging from communication and psychological principles to tools and strategies - and there are more than 21 hours in this program. That's over 17 audio CDs worth of content here all on one disk.


There's dialogue and examples galore, as well as a breakdown of key concepts. Motivating, insightful, and humorous - this is what guys everywhere have been asking for.


One HUGE Deal!









You need more tips to meet women?



  • Get in the ring with her - figure out your "stamina type" in advance to play to your strengths

  • False Time Constraints and how they work to increase her attraction

  • Excuses - Understand what they are, why she uses them, and why they don't stand in your way

  • Handling a Woman's Trust needs - without having to jump through hoops or supplicate. Never lose control!

  • Why failure is required to improve your dating skills

  • Pickup and Conversation Dynamics Explained, with verbal and email questions and replies - tease examples

  • How to handle HER nervousness - one question that puts you back in a position of power

  • Advanced Body Language- The turn-away and an introduction to Push-pull

  • Hyper-vigilance- Too much attention to the "right thing/right time" can kill your game and we'll tell you how...

  • The Sphere of Positive Influence

  • The Feedback loop of continuous improvement - the way to keep your skills and abilities improving

  • How to be "natural" with your approach and avoid the "impostor" syndrome

  • The Gambler's Trap and how it sabotages your seductions

  • CRUCIAL EXERCISE: People-watching to develop body language and verbal language interpretation skills

  • Using The Touch Trick to get her to say "yes"

  • When to call a woman

  • Fun - Yes, girls just wanna have fun, and how you tap into this feminine need

  • Rejection, How to handle it, how to avoid it for good, what it means, and how to set the rules yourself

  • The "I've got a boyfriend" Excuse explained. Why she uses it, and how you handle it

  • How to handle the first meeting - Where to go, how to plan it, and how to "package" your meetings for re-use

  • Confidence - Revealing versus Confessing, and how to disclose information to keep her interested in you, and avoid turning her off

  • Inspirational questions - What they are and how to use them to stimulate her attraction for you

  • Seduction Exercises - Mirror work, making your expressions communicate effectively, smiling right, improving your eye contact, and discovering women's topics in the media




"I enjoyed the first session of audio coaching. Actually hearing the advice rather than reading the words provided me with a different perspective on the information ..."
- JonnyQ

"I ... am using what I have learned and am having a lot more
success than I ever thought possible..."
- D.G.

"I really enjoyed your audio... It is full of strategies to make guys more confident and successful with women. There is something here for everyone, no matter how good you are with women. It's an excellent product!"
- Mitch K.

"I just wanted to say this audio series is tha bomb... truth on how woman want men to be. Men, not wussy's ... I am looking forward to the other audio so I can get my game real tight ... to really be the MAN."
-R. P.

"I think your work is great, I'm your fan and disciple... I want to thank you also because I started 2004 with a beautiful woman from Venezuela ... and yesterday night we have completed the seduction, and today she sent me a message asking for more... is simply amazing ... thanks to your advice I overcame all her challenge/responses, almost perfect, and when you know exactly how to overcome that you feel more confident, thank you very much again..."
- J. P.

"I'm amazed with your method because it work so well and everything you say is true... if there is an Oscar award for seduction methods you'll have it I'm sure... thank you man great job..."
- J. G.




You already know how much value I cram into each month of this Advanced Audio Coaching. Now's your chance to get caught up all the way through the first year.




Every imaginable area of the topics are covered completely. You'll get specific emails, dialogue, and situations to handle. You'll learn the correct responses to just about every situation you'll find yourself in.


  • You'll learn how to handle her test questions.

  • You'll learn how to handle any cock-blockers.

  • You'll learn how to talk to women in a natural and relaxed manner.

  • You'll learn how to touch her and arouse her desire.

  • You'll learn how to read her body language.

  • You'll learn what she's thinking at every step of the way.

  • You'll learn how to progress from meeting her all the way to the bedroom.

  • You'll learn what mistakes you've been making, and how to fix all of them.

  • You'll learn where the best places are to meet women.


That's all there is to it. I'm not even going to try to sell you on the value of it anymore, because this thing just plain rocks. It's absolutely necessary for your success with women.


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    dating, seduction, seduce, dating rule, dating tips, dating advice, pickup women, seduce womenDating, advice, love, romance, relationships, seduction, sex, Datingfire, ebook, e-book, tipsdating, seduction, seduce, dating rule, dating tips, dating advice, pickup women, seduce womenDating, advice, love, romance, relationships, seduction, sex, Datingfire, ebook, e-book, tips



The Dating Black Book

Transitions: Stepping Stones to Success

The Dating Q&A Bonus E-book

The Dating Objective Planner





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dating, seduction, seduce, dating rule, dating tips, dating advice, pickup women, seduce womenDating, advice, love, romance, relationships, seduction, sex, Datingfire, ebook, e-book, tipsdating, seduction, seduce, dating rule, dating tips, dating advice, pickup women, seduce womenDating, advice, love, romance, relationships, seduction, sex, Datingfire, ebook, e-book, tips

  • The Dating Black Book
  • Transitions: Stepping Stones to Success
  • The Dating Q&A Bonus E-book
  • The Dating Objective Planner


Total Package value = $286.64


That's right ... you can get the entire first year -

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seduction dating advice


We'll send you the e-books right away, and the CD will be sent to you via first-class mail...






WHAT?? You want even more?


Well, okay if you're that skeptical and you're still not convinced, here's more of what you'll learn:


  • How to make her want more of you - exercise patience to build anticipation

  • Slow buildup - avoid direct contact build up everywhere but the zone

  • When a woman WILL turn a friend into a lover

  • Playing Hard-to-Get

  • Calling a Woman - how long to wait, and how to handle

  • Where to go to meet women (Using your network!)

  • Why you don't have to be good looking to attract the women you want

  • Women's Intuition - how they sniff inferior men out

  • The Smart Guy Trap - what it is and how to avoid getting caught in it

  • What really turns a woman on and off about a man

  • The Important Belief you need to Dispel Fear

  • How to Learn by Ingraining Emotions

  • The motivation for creating TRUE Change in your life

  • How to handle body language: Speech patterns, voice control, pausing, eye contact, posture

  • Mastering approaching women

  • Shampoo Bottle Strategy and the NEXT Methodology

  • Certainty and Ambiguity Syndrome

  • Advanced Conversation Techniques - including New Set Openers: Cheating Girl Opener, The Trivia Opener

  • Extended Challenge-Response examples

  • Controlling the conversation

  • What are the "player" characteristics?

  • Disclosure - what to tell her and what not to

  • Intuition - How it works, how it guides women, and what it tells her about you

  • Why Availability affects your Desirability

  • What makes you interesting? - The important qualities every man must have

  • Cock-blockers - What they are and how to handle them

  • Contacting & Getting her Number

  • Hot and Cold Contacts - Finding your environment and approach that works

  • Proxemics - How to handle Physical distance

  • The Quantum Leap principle





Click to hear samples of the content:



Sample 1:



Sample 2:





You'll receive the program in an easy to use MP3 file format, broken up into sections for convenient listening on your computer or MP3 capable CD player. It works on every computer - Mac or PC.


After your purchase is verified, you'll be mailed a CD with the complete set of all 12 months of interactive audio...

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You can also listen to the program on any portable MP3 player, so you can learn while you're in the car, on the bus, working out - anywhere! Listen to them over and over, and get the benefits of improved confidence, understanding, and power with women.

The audio also plays in any computer, or even the latest CD and DVD players that handle MP3 Audio!





Runs on any platform that can play MP3 Audio - Windows 98, Millennium, 2000, XP, Mac OS and more.
If your computer can play the sample above, you're ready to go!






Guys, we're in the information age. The new breed of Alpha Man will not win in the game of life by playing the odds, or bluffing. You must have information and knowledge to outsmart your competition.


Women are getting pickier than ever. Only the smart and cunning man will survive and flourish in today's dating world. The Advanced Audio Coaching Series gives you the edge that the other players have had for so long.


Are you ready to learn how the "naturals" attract women?







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The Complete First Year of Advanced Audio Coaching

Sessions 1 through 12




dating, seduction, seduce, dating rule, dating tips, dating advice, pickup women, seduce womenDating, advice, love, romance, relationships, seduction, sex, Datingfire, ebook, e-book, tipsdating, seduction, seduce, dating rule, dating tips, dating advice, pickup women, seduce womenDating, advice, love, romance, relationships, seduction, sex, Datingfire, ebook, e-book, tips

  • The Dating Black Book
  • Transitions: Stepping Stones to Success
  • The Dating Q&A Bonus E-book
  • The Dating Objective Planner


Total Package value = $286.64

That's right guys... you can get the entire first year - all the advanced training you can get for

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seduction dating advice

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seduction dating advice







"When I first read the [e-books] it was evident that it was the best ... seduction is now gradually becoming my second nature without any effort.

"These audio sessions are exceptional! Carlos deepens ... the concepts in there, and you can have your sessions immediately, without waiting weeks ... at a price which is absolutely a gift considering the quality of the information and the length ...

"Don't wait guys! They are gold mines!"

- M.F. - Italy



"I've been purchasing your audio course now and have every session to date and I would like to congratulate you on a first rate package, I have enjoyed every minute of the tuition and find your thoughts and observations very enlightening."

- Michael - in U.K.


"I was very dubious about the audio programs at first, so dubious in fact I didn't start receiving the audio programmes until part 5 but Carlos' voice is so relaxing ... you have no choice but to listen to what he has to say...

"... as I listen to them through my headphones when I go to bed ... it's kinda like subconscious learning... when I went out at the weekend I remembered the techniques and I didn't even realize I knew them.

"So in short ... Great work..."

- David S.





Just $147.00 for strategies you'll use the rest of your life!

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The Advanced Audio Coaching Series is also available by subscription or single-issue each month at a discounted price. There's a new session with new topics every month!


Regular subscribers also get bonus audio segments each month, in addition to the regular sessions. There are also bonuses, and a preferred discount on ALL of Carlos Xuma's products.

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PS: I'm absolutely certain you'll find this coaching to be exactly what you're looking for, and I'm offering my 100% money-back guarantee. If you're not completely thrilled with this Audio Coaching package, you can return the CD (in resalable condition) within 90 days and I'll cheerfully refund your investment.



PPS: In addition to the regular content, purchasers also have permission to burn these files to audio CDs for their own private use. You can listen to the training in your car, home stereo, wherever you go.

You can even create your own custom CDs with the selections you want to review most!

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