Sunday, April 06, 2008

Stuff Happens. Move On.

Hi Carlos,

I have been studying your materials for a couple of years now have had some good results when I can get myself out there and talking to women. I agree with what you say about confidence it is getting rid of all that stinking thinking and get on with what you are doing. Once that is out of the way most of the time I can attract a woman using my personality alone.

Broke up with my ex recently then met an American girl really got on well with her and she was a great kisser but she had to go back to America because she did some naughty things that got her chucked off her university course what a bad girl as I told her.

That kinda sucked but I moved on and have accepted that still always don't feel motivated for some reason and was beginning to lose all self discipline the other day which is completely unlike me.

I was going to meet a much older woman who was already married because I had no other options and didn't feel like going to meet women my own age not only did this go against my religion and principles but was wrong according to your teachings. I felt like I could not control my impulses not sure what to do it was a complete shock for me any thoughts on how to get over this?

in the UK

Yes. It's going to sound deceptively simple, but it may not be easy.

Stop thinking about it. Just let it go.

In order to move on, you have to have something else to move on TO. Which means getting out there and distracting yourself with a bunch of activity.

Never defy your own values, but always question them if they don't seem to work for you.

And you already had the seeds of your solution in your question. You said, "have had some good results when I can get myself out there and talking to women..."

So if you have had some good results, get out and keep doing it! Stop thinking about all the negative crap that's piling up in www.YOUR and just go DO.

That's why god made men, my friends. We DO. And women love us for it.

You need to get out and start meeting new, available women. You won't have impulse control problems when you're getting some options in your life.

Ya dig?

Best of luck!

- Carlos

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