Thursday, June 28, 2007

Top Ten Loser Lines

Without further ado, here are my top ten things that guys say that IMMEDIATELY put them in the "wussy chump" bin and turn you into a friend. In reality, there are about a thousand of these, but I decided to keep this a Top Ten list. Send me your suggestions!


10) Can I buy you a drink? (Uh, first, you're asking; second, you're bribing. Fastest way known to lose $8.)

9) Want to see my car? (Translation: Wanna see how small my dick is?)

8) Hey, let's go back to my place. (Without a good reason, this reeks of horny guy with no game and a big waterbed.)

7) Can I kiss you? (Don't ask. EVER.)

6) You have the most beautiful eyes! (Usually said while staring at tits. C'mon, Short-bus. Get original.)

5) Do you wanna go out sometime? (Asking, with nothing specific. You tell her what you're going to do...)

4) You remind me of my mom. (Ohhh boy... gonna be sick...)

3) Go ahead and tell me about your problem... (Said in a variety of ways, with one result - you become her emotional tampon.)

2) I'm looking for a serious relationship. (Hearing this is scarier than watching "The Exorcist" in a haunted house while holding hands with that little girl from "The Ring.")

1) You're the woman I've always wanted! I think you might be The One...

I should have waited until late October to print these, because now I'm all creeped out...

Simple lesson here - If a man doesn't have game, don't ever say the things he says. That's a great start.

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