Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Banter Bling

Imagine: You're out at your favorite night hang-out. Maybe a club, maybe a bar, maybe your friend's party. You order yourself a drink, and you spot a lovely Betty hanging out with a friend, right beside you.

"What do I say?" you wonder. "What should I open with?"

That all-too-familiar empty-head syndrome starts charging up in your melon. Another dreaded pause, when you know you should be walking up and just starting the conversation. But you weren't prepared!

And now that voice in your head starts talking nasty: "You're blowing it! You look like another chump with a Cosmo in your hand!"

And just when you were about to walk away with the drink and try to find another group of ladies (when your courage gets a rebound from this drink), the lovely lady turns to you and says, "Wow, where did you get that cool necklace?"

"Oh..." Suddenly the voice in your brain shuts up, and you're back in the moment. "It's my power amulet." You let a smirk slip out.

"Power amulet?"

"Yeah, it's called Dragon Sky. It's made with Black Tourmaline that pushes away negativity and bad energy. There's also Sodalite in there for strong purpose ..."

She walks up and looks at the dragon pendant reaching to touch it... a little static charge zings through your body. "What's this symbolize?" she asks.

"Well," you say, offering her your arm, "come with me and I'll tell you all about it." You turn to her friends. "You okay if I bring her to my table for 2 minutes, ladies?" Her friends smile, turn to each other with their "chick-code," and nod Yes...

You are SO in.

That's what it's like to have an opener AND a confidence token around your neck...

And won't it be nice to have when the conversation is starting to lull, and you need a little something to talk about?


Your bling is your thing, Alpha Man, and you need something to set you apart from the other would-be macks and "pickup artists." Something that resonates with courage and power, and Banter Bling was created just for that.

These necklaces are imbued with stories, beauty, and elegance, and they add the perfect touch to any man's appearance. It's gotten to where I won't start my seminar until I've got my necklace on, and I don't travel anywhere without it.

TSA, just try to take it away.

If you're ready to add a little somethin' special to your look, then I've got the thing for you...

Dating and seduction advisor Cj Chandler created exotic, sexy, attraction generating jewelry specifically for Alpha Men.

If you order a necklace between now and July 10Th, Cj Chandler will make you a second custom necklace for $25.00. This offer is only available for Carlos' Xuma's Alpha men and would normally cost over $200.00

CJ says: "I will use gemstones, silver, and various pendants designed exclusively for us - you and I will work together to create a necklace that will compliment your goals, style, and coloring. This goes way beyond the scope of a custom piece of jewelry- in a sense, it's also a free coaching call as I will have to ascertain where you are in your Alpha path, interpret your goals, and wrap it up with a style (fashion) consultation."

Take a look and quench your soul-thirst here:


Your friend,

Carlos Xuma

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