Saturday, June 30, 2007

Okay, pickup artists, let's talk about Integrity...

I just sat down to the computer this morning to open an email from another person in this field, and he was talking about trying to do more for guys that need to have a complete life, not just approaching women.

You'll probably see more and more of this in the future, as other gurus start to come to the realization that I've always had - that what most guys have wanted ALL ALONG is to find a path of self-improvement and boosting his own sense of self-esteem. That's what most men are trying to do with this game of dating and attracting women.

I think you know when someone is speaking from the heart, and that very ability to sense the sincerity - and project it - is a key determinant in your attractiveness to women.

Most guys realize after a while that their lives chasing women is useful, and necessary, but often unfulfilling when you look at the larger picture of your life. Men that focus SOLELY on women find that the journey was all about the goal, and the goal is never what you think it is.

When you take care of this area, you'll find that your finances are out of whack. Or your spirituality is bleak. Or your family ties need to be re-established.

We are all works-in-progress.

Being a Pick-up Artist is a small slice of what you're capable of being as an Alpha Man.

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