Friday, June 13, 2008

Alpha Male Movies for You To Watch


...anything to learn from Bruce Willis in 5th element or Deckard & Batty in bladerunner?

Alpha wise? A movies to inspire podcast perhaps?

I'm thinking about the scene where the toymaker is fooled into thinking Priss likes him, then Batty shows up and he realizes that he has NO shot unless something happens to Batty (even then, he lacks the stones req. to keep her)


Funny you should choose "Blade Runner," as that's one of my favorite movies of all time. The restoration and work they did to fix up the latest version is just breathtaking on Blu-ray.

And, as role models go, Harrison Ford is the quintessential modern Alpha Man.

There is a lesson in the way that Sebastian handles his attraction to Pris in the film. Watch William Sanderson's mannerisms as he is out-alpha'd by Roy Batty, Rutger Hauer's character.

Bruce Willis is also very Alpha, and I think that you can probably define most of the good movies by the ACTOR more often than the role. Some guys simply won't settle for playing a wuss. You know them.

Harrison Ford.

Bruce Willis.

Denzel Washington.

Sam Sheppard.

Carey Grant.

Jack Nicholson.

Add your comments to this post and tell me actors and movies that you think are good Alpha Man movies...

- Carlos

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