Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Getting Freaky At The Beach...

Hi Carlos,

I was thinking that beach season is coming up, and I'd like to know how to approach, talk to, and pick up women there. I read in a book once that on the beach, the best thing to do is to go up to women who are sunbathing and ask them if you can apply suntan lotion on them. From there, apparently, a conversation can begin. The book said that most women will say yes.

To me, it seems slightly unbelievable that a woman in a bikini on the beach would alllow some guy she doesn't even know to just walk up to her, and start rubbing lotion on her.

What do you think of this approach? Would it be appropriate at this venue and effective? I know that touching a woman this soon would be bad in most circumstances, but I'm thinking the rules may be different on the beach.

If this is bad and liable to just get me shot down, can you recommend a good way to engage women and start the interaction on the beach?


Uh, that's totally weird. Don't even think of walking up to a woman on the beach and asking to put lotion on her. You'd get your nuts pulled off.

Instead, focus on the interaction. How could you walk up and have some fun?

"Hey, I was going to come over here and kick sand in your face, but I figured you might beat me up. Instead I came to say Hi."


"Did you see a half-chinese, half-black, half Latina, half pygmie come by here? She's got blonde hair." Smirk.

But here's the kicker: Do NOT look anywhere on her but at her sunglasses. Pretend you can see her eyes, and lock yours there. Just one gaze down at booby or booty central will get you kicked off the island...

And just remember that you have to have some really smooth and relaxed game to pickup at the beach. Every freak-a-saurus and his speedo is out there hoping to get a piece. You have to be pretty laid back.

Good luck...


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