Saturday, May 05, 2007

He gets it! He GETS it!


A woman is a woman. After using a lot of the techniques [in the
Secrets of the Alpha Man] I'm finding a lot of women responding the same way. They're pretty much helpless against it. I find myself useing these techniques on married women right in front of their husbands sometimes and I wonder if these men even have a clue to what is going on.

I also view celebrities different now as well. I look at them and think to my self, if I was in their pressence; they are no different then the women I meet and seduce in my town. They're still just women and have the same responses as the rest of them.

This is an unbelieveable power. If I just knew how to get a ticket to one of Heffner's party's.

I say to anyone else out there studying this material, to take it slow. Stay dedicated to this stuff but realize that after spending a couple years on this stuff that you'll be amazed at the changes in your life.

YES! You get it my man.

This is when the switch in your head flips and you see the social reality that's out there. The matrix is clear. You see the code.

All that goofy metaphorical crap.

It IS an unbelievable power, but so few guys will be able to really understand it because of their own self-limiting beliefs.

"I'm not good looking..."

"I'm too old..."

"I just don't understand women..."

Or the ones that seem like healthy self-esteem but are really just excuses parading under their ego:

"I don't need help with women! I'm doing fine!"

"What? You need a program to get women... heh! Let ME tell you about women..." (as you realize this guy has been sleeping with women that you find completely unacceptable.)

"You either know this stuff or you don't. You can't learn it!"

Lame. Lame

Learn the Secrets.

Earn the power over your own life. It's not just about women... That's what separates Carlos Xuma from the pack of guys that just fill you up with techniques you think sound great but you know you'll never use...

I'll show you how to make a better
YOU that will attract hot women.

Get the
Secrets of the Alpha Man.

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