Saturday, May 12, 2007

How to change your life ... or change the world.

I got this email from a student of mine, and I wanted to share it with you in the hopes that it will somehow help all of you to understand that this path we're on is so much more than just "pickup" or "seduction." I think few guys realize just how much of a lifelong journey it is, but also that it can transform you in ways that you had no idea at the start.

Read his progress report...

Hey Carlos,

I'm still heavily into training in martial arts. It's a lifestyle for me. But much other deeper things for me as well that come with incredible unexplainable benefits! (Remember this began by your advice in email, and your
Alpha Man Program.) Anyways you know I've always had more emotional baggage, but also many more unbelievable trials than most men FYI... I now tell myself "what past?... Switch and think about my goals, feeling the confidence surge once again.

You also in the book urged me to get in shape, so I did. "Hell think about what Navy SEALS go through," you said, and I took my intensity that I had in my years in the Navy actually aspiring to be a SEAL and now well, I'm using the
Alpha Body Language that you teach with my new physique, confidence, and determination in ways that commands attention. And when their eyes lock on mine I always give them a humble look and smile, even if a slight one as I walk past them in a dominant manner. I am chatting up more and more strangers. People are starting to greet me when we used to have an uncomfortable silence. I am close to needing your new communication program with all of this chatting.
But what it is like now from doing the Alpha exercises is I feel angry inside, but it is no longer directed at others. Before I used to have manson-lamps instantly when I came near others. I was scared of violence. I had been a victim in my ghetto neighborhood of many assaults as a child...having a beta stepfather who actually was physically, and verbally abusive, sat at home watching tv all day while my mom worked at a job she probably hated. In fact I know she did. But without going to deep, I was a defeated man inside. I knew how to fight and was close to violence/on edge. Guys backed off of my eye glares, and my response to women's looks was too intense. It really scared them off and made them uncomfortable.

Now I train myself to respond to people as above. My self-esteem is really rising as I do the Alpha Exercises. I'm finishing the Alpha program for what seems like the umpteenth time, but I need IMMERSION. Constantly. Always something to relearn. And refine.
I am a R.E.A.L. Man now. I even pause, think, and THEN speak now. I observe my social effect on others. They like having me around at work. Wanting me on their team, talking to me to the point I have to cut them off, and vice versa, but I'm not practicing ending at the right time, before I wear out my welcome. :) Again, because you began my path as a warrior in the martial arts (I study several at a time, and always will. Once the first set is done, I begin the next.)

I even plan on going out tonight. Cinco De Mayo! Oh man I'm already cool without any alcohol. When I have a couple drinks tonight I am going to be going. I know I can defend myself now, I am humble, I trust in the goodness of others again by taking the risk. They are 98% of the time great.

Inside I feel the anger that I saw my previous dream gals, and passed them up because I was a pure wuss. You put me on a path of growth through your advice, programs, and e-books. I am a serious student of yours... Using everything, I said NO MORE to my baggage. Dumped off shyness. I do think of those women I let pass me by before, and I just work out like crazy and constantly improve myself. I even have goals now. And I march toward them daily.
What I am trying to say is you have changed my life, allowing me to leave behind problems once and for all and begin to enjoy life, love everyone, befriend them, yet set the interaction boundries.


Co-worker (That I am helping cause I did the other areas work already): "Take that lot off."
Me: "I will if you say please."
Co-Worker: "Please."
Me: "Thanks" (I reward others in different ways for doing the things I want)

I know my value and is GREAT. I know what my weaknesses are and am humbled by them, but know no one is any better than me, for they TOO have many weaknesses. I accept them in myself and others. I however focus on the VALUE I have while I correct the weaknesses constantly.

Thank you Carlos. I have written enough. Time for me to stop typing this, and go enjoy life. You do a great work for us men. Keep it up. You are changing lives.

- Mario

(P.S. And it's not just about women, over even sex. Hell I really don't even want it until I find a woman worth staying with and will say no even if she's not proven herself to be what I am looking for in a woman. I've even got women at work attracted to me, but I am careful with that. You rock, I'm out!)


That's what I'm talking about, brother...

When you feel the power of how you can turn your life around with a fundamental shift in your beliefs and your focus, you'll discover all the things that are possible.

Most of us run around with a very limited view of our scope of impact on this world. It's all collapsed down to the space our bodies take up, but no more than that.

Move up to the next level of thinking. Take your world and your experience to the next level, where you realize that a single person can make all the difference in the world.

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