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Jeet Kune Dating ...

Have you ever heard of Bruce Lee?

Of course you have.

He's famous for his Martial Arts skills and his invention of something called "Jeet Kune Do."

What is this funny term?

Well, it's Bruce's contribution to the Martial Arts world. It is, in fact, his art.

What he did was look at all the fighting systems, from Wing Chun to Kung-fu to grappling to boxing ...

He looked over the Arts and found what he liked and seemed usable, and he used it. And what he didn't need, he threw out.

In the words of Dan Inosanto, one of Bruce's students entrusted to carry Bruce's way on:

"No art is superior to any other. That is the object lesson of Jeet Kune Do, to be unbound, to be free: in combat to use no style as style, to use 'no way' as the 'way,' to have no limitation as the only limitation. Neither be for or against a particular style. In other words, Jeet Kune Do 'just is'."


Well, that's the style of attraction and dating for results you're going to get with us. The best of the best.


And All-styles.

I will be unveiling these new methods and hybrids of techniques in the future.

My value to you guys is that I'm taking the best of the Dating Arts and bringing it together into a comprehensive understanding. This will be the Encyclopedia of Success with Women.

None of that "talk to your inner child" nonsense, either.

We're taking the heart-based application of dating skills and applying solid technical skills along with them. So you'll have not only the Tactics (HOW), but the Strategies (WHY). Techniques with PRINCIPLES.





And it's still called Dating Dynamics. It just keeps getting better, that's all ...

Only now we're going to provide you with individual building blocks for achievement with women. These will be offered as part of the "Master's Series" programs. The first one you saw this year was "Approach Women - NOW." This program provides the building blocks of Approach Introduction Methodology (AIM) for you, including exercises and material to initiate conversations.

We'll be digging deeper into these topics soon with more modules that will complete your understanding of male-female interaction.

Watch for them here...

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