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A Special Message From Carlos Xuma...


I want to tell you a little about myself.

Quite a few years ago I decided that, while I really liked who I was, I had a ton of crap to improve on. I mean, I wasn't trying to be perfect, but I knew I lacked a lot of skills that I saw in other guys out there. I knew that there were things to learn that would help me be a success, not just with women but with life, too. I resolved that I had to DO SOMETHING to improve myself.


Have you been thinking about it?

Have you been considering whether or not you should?

You know... make an investment in yourself and your growth?

That's what we're talking about here, really.


An INVESTMENT. Not a cost, or a fee... When you take the time to make yourself a better person, you're investing in yourself.

It's really all about success.

So, what's MY definition of "success?"

Well, it's being on the path of constant improvement of myself, while achieving the goals I've been setting. Not just with women, but with my life.

I had to go through a lot of growth. (I'm not bragging here, but it was probably more than most people, considering my wacky childhood) ... And I'm still on the path. Every goal is a marker and a celebration, but the true joy is in the fun of the journey.

Yeah, that may sound like one of those corny motivational posters, but I try to live it every day.

And you know what else?

Life is a little corny anyway. So what the heck.


Here's something shocking for you: Studies show that most people don't continue their education beyond their graduation from college - or even high school, for that matter.

More than 60% of people do not read more than a book a year after they leave higher education.

That is just freakin' unbelievable.


The only thing you really own of value in life is YOU. Your possessions, your car, your money ... all that stuff can be re-acquired or insured. But YOU are totally irreplaceable. In the same way that improvements make your house more valuable on the market, self-development makes you more valuable to women in the singles market.


Improve yourself.

Your mind.

Your potential.


Yet we spend more time washing our cars than we do developing our skills and value.

I wanted to share with you a letter from one of my students. He was so excited that he sent in this unsolicited email to me to let me know what a difference the "Secrets of the Alpha Man" set had made to him. This is in his own words and direct to you. I didn't ask for it. He just sent it in.

I haven't changed it except to improve spelling and punctuation, since English isn't his native language.

No bullsh*t or hype here.

I'm including it here for you as the only testimonial in this message. I have dozens of others, but this is a success story I felt you'd want to hear.

And it makes me especially happy to know I made this difference for someone.

I'm positive you will experience the same value he did from getting and using the Secrets of the Alpha Man set, and that's why I want to let you know about it.

Let me make the same difference for you in your development and learning with this program.


Isn't that an exciting thought? To know that you can really make a difference in your life by taking this knowledge and putting it to use for YOU?

You can order the program here right away. The e-book can be in your hands tonight, and the CDs will be mailed to you right away.

Make an investment in yourself.

Take care of the one person in this world that matters most...



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"Hello Carlos !

I must say that you are truly a wonderful guy! Please read below to know why I think that...

Maybe you remember me: I wrote you before, end of December 2004. My morale at that moment was not very good, my understanding of men-women interactions needed great improvements. You wrote me a long answer - for which I am very grateful.

I had at this moment no experience of success with women, and I bought your "Alpha Man Secrets" audio coaching (and I have also all your other e-books as well).

It proved to be a VERY GOOD investment for me, and my life. And trust me, I am not kidding when I write that ! I have never regreted one second buying your products! But enough praising, let us talk about the RESULTS!

I had these last three months 3 girlfriends - and 5 other "affairs". And currently, I have a girlfriend! Yes, you read it! I have a girlfriend! Maybe it does not sound so impressive for other people, but for me it is quite an achievement, since I was not able to have one in 25 years (I got my first girlfriend at 25 year old - this is not very usual, but it gives you a good challenge, and you really want the results).

And believe me, these women were not the "bottom of the pack". I aimed high right away, it is useless to have little goals. Among these women, there [one that] is wonderful - I met her in pub a friday evening. Physically, this woman is truly a top model - no kidding - and no guys dared to approach her. Well, I dared, and it proved very sucessful!

She was obviously impressed, and it made me feel very good for that... In these moments, you feel like nothing can stand in your way! She felt it somehow (I am wondering sometimes if women are telepathic, they seem to be able to understand you so easily...), and the rest of the night was truly wonderful. And while I [talked] with her, I noticed that she was also intelligent and funny - some people are truly impressive sometimes.

... A woman who is used to have all men at her feet, paying for her company, gave me for free one of the most pleasurable night I ever enjoyed in all my life! And of course she has a lot of experience ... and she can basically have any man she wants in her bed, and having these men paying a lot of money for this.

So I was definitely not "chosen by default". How to describe the feeling after that? I think I felt what it is called "self-confidence"... It was wonderful (I love this word, have you noticed?), and we spent other amazing moments together.

The other women I got were more "normal", but very attractive also. Believe me, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian or any woman from east Europe are truly amazing ! First, they are very beautiful, really. But it is not their best asset. They have a very positive image of men, and it brings out the best of you. My current girlfriend is Ukranian.

At one moment, I have a Polish girl in my left arm, a Ukranian one in my right arm, and another Polish woman behind me, stroking me in the neck, obviously jealous and begging for my attention. In these moments, you regret not having a third arm!

Does that sound too good to be real? It is real, I know it since I live it! I wanted to share with you my experiences... I do not ask you to believe me, but be aware that you have a part of responsibility in this result (and I win nothing telling you that ...)

What was the best help you gave me, with all your coaching ? I will tell you: you gave me a very clear picture of the objective I should reach. And believe me, it is the most important thing you could do for me! When you know where you are going, and you really want it, nothing can really stop you achieving your goal. You always find a way.

I recorded your CDs in mp3, and listened to them every day, during my travel to and back from work (it also helped me to improve my knowledge of English...). I read several times your books. These things put me in a good frame of mind.

I tried every single advice you gave - I followed one of your advice and registered in a fitness center (later maybe I will try a martial arts - at this moment it is too time consuming - when I will have no more need of German lessons) ... no more stress, better health, better morale, better self confidence...

In my work also I have results: I am now at the head of a department (10 people). You helped me!

Summing up, you have helped me ... improving my life in a way you cannot imagine (and not only for women), and I am very grateful for that!

I really hope that you will have the best out of your life! You deserve it !

You truly did not help just "one guy" to be happy, but more than one person!

Yours faithfully and gratefully,





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